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The Art of Brows. Estee Lauder Brow Bar @ Brown Thomas: free gift and gorgeous eyebrows!

By Aisling | July 15 2008 | 37 Comments


Aha when I heard about this event I was on the phone like a shot to make my appointment. The aul eyebrows needed a serious overhaul.

In I went to Brown Thomas yesterday morning. It was very hard to pass the handbag sale without stopping on the way in – but myself and my newly gorgeous brows did of course have a bit of a browse on the way out. (On a side note: the sales are FANTASTIC this year aren’t they?) The Brow Bar is tucked away discretely at the side of the Estee Lauder counter. So you’re not sitting out in the middle of the shop getting gawked at.

Asta is highly trained in the art of eyebrow shaping. She gets regular expertise upskilling on new trends and techniques. I think she must also get training on the art of tact too, because she didn’t make me feel like my eyebrows were too bad at all. (Which they were.)

Now here’s the thing. They use wax at the Brow Bar. “Wax, uhh I don’t know” I said, squirming in my seat. “You have a bad experience with wax before?” Asta asked kindly. Well yes, I sure have. I’ve had practically all my eyebrows waxed off – and I’m not too keen on the Coco the Clown look. Or the pain. Or the ripping feeling on the delicate skin around the eye. Asta explained that the wax she would use was especially formulated for eyebrows – it was gentle on the face and doesn’t rip or tug. Salons don’t generally use it because it is so expensive, preferring instead to use whatever type of wax they have around – the same wax they use for bikini…

Okay go on so, I said. And I was really glad I did. Because this didn’t hurt at all. Seriously. Asta carefully waxed, tweezed and snipped my eyebrows and when she handed me the mirror I was delighted.

The best brow shape I’ve ever gotten. I’ve already booked my appointment to go back. (Due to an unfortunate overplucking by me last week, one eyebrow was completely wonky and needs to grow back a bit before it can match up perfectly with the other. Asta advised four weeks – and that’s when I’ll be back.)

Here’s the details. It costs €20 for this expert service – redeemable against Estee Lauder products. Ring Brown Thomas (Dublin) on 01 6171146 and make yourself an appointment. With the current promotion (14-27 July 2008)you’ll also bag yourself a free 3 piece gift (Estee Lauder eyelash curlers and trial sizes of the bestselling eye cream and mascara) – and the best eyebrow shape you can get!

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