Cover Those Eye Bags With Trick And Treatment

By | February 12 2008 | 3 Comments

trick and treatmentYesterday I showed you a tres ‘spensive eye cream by La Mer, but tempered that with a promise of a cheaper solution today.

Well, here it is, and it’s brand new from fave brand, Soap and Glory.

Trick and Treatment is a concealing and treatment product, and it sounds like a good ‘un. The yellow pigment in the formulation helps disguise purplish patches more effectively than yer normal concealer. That helps it to blend into your skintone, and look completely natural.

What’s more, repeated use helps to diminish those saggy circular bags too.

Wayhey! And at about €14ish quid, it won’t break the bank, neither.

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3 Replies to "Cover Those Eye Bags With Trick And Treatment"

  • ams says:

    worth a go I suppose!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I used to get bags under my eyes all the time mostly due to my inability to fall asleep easily. I would stay up late thinking about something then wake up early next morning only to see little bags under my eyes. I somehow managed to kick the habit of staying up late but my eye bags wouldn’t go away.I then recently read an article by a woman who supposedly got rid of her eye bags using a particular eye care product. I tried it and it worked really well. Within 3 weeks my eyebags were very much reduced ans soon disappeared .You can read more about the lady’s article at the link below

  • Siobhain says:

    I have this it’s really good! The only problem is it’s a bit sparky so when I was in next and I looked in the mirror one day it was very very sparkly!

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