Thumbs up for Rimmel Lash Maxxx: maxxximum impact for minimum price

By Aisling | September 5 2007 | 11 Comments

kate moss rimmel.jpgIt’s the review you’ve been waiting for with bated breath. Ah the mighty Maxxx. Daringly forcing a comparison with the super duper blockbusting and pocket friendly Max Factor Masterpiece Max.

So what did I think of the Maxxx? Did it give me fatter eyelashes than Kate Mosses legs? Did it give me the London Look? Whatever that is.

Three times fuller lashes?

Yep, it does what it says on the tin all right. Va va voom, thick, full, blacker than black lashes. If you want to draw attention to those peepers this won’t let you down.

Oh yeah – one thing. Like all Rimmel mascaras: this brush is a comb and I managed to stick it in my eye a couple of times, so used am I to wielding a traditional brush. But the comb is great for separating the lashes and ensuring that all important clump free finish.

But be warned. If you’re a luxe mascara lover then this won’t do it for you. Stick to Chanel Inimitable. This is of different quality – of course, because it’s so budget-tastic. But if you want maximum impact for minimum price this is yer only man.

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11 Replies to "Thumbs up for Rimmel Lash Maxxx: maxxximum impact for minimum price"

  • Flame says:

    Ooh. :D Now i can buy!

  • Glitterkitty says:

    i’ve tried a few mascaras w those combs n i manage to almost gouge an eye out each time!

    i have l’oreal shocking volume, which is one of those double thingys, white first coat n then second coat is norm mascara
    i don’t like the comb so i use the white coat and then my normal [other] mascara, which happens to MF masterpiece max, which i’m not impressed w, i’m just ‘using it up’.. however
    i reckon the only way to go is one of those white coats first n it transforms any mascara!

  • ams says:

    I find that Rimmel mascaras go yuck after a few weeks. Im using Loreal Telescopic at the moment and I like it for daywear – its foolproof to put on and gives nice length.

  • Flame says:

    GitterK i have that shocking volume one too and find it a bit messy it’s been lying idle for a while, i must use the white stuff with other mascaras though. Find with combs i wasn’t mad on them but once you get used to them they’re good – i’ve been using lancome fatale and find it brilliant once i’d gotten used to the comb. So must try the shocking volume again… And give this rimmel maxxx a go…

  • Lyns says:

    How much is it?

  • Atomic_Blonde says:

    I think ill pass….i didnt realise it was a comb wand, i cant manage these at all. I bought a Clinique mascara ages ago and it had a wand….poked my eye so many times, it went everywhere except my lashes!
    Super packaging though! :)

  • eimear says:

    I saw it yesterday in Debenhams, think it was €6.99

  • Aisling Aphrodite says:

    Mine was €9.95 in Boots boo

  • beautfan says:

    I had the maybelline one with the white stuff first and it worked alright.

    Can’t handle these ‘new ages’ sticks/floopy mascara wands.

  • Tiptoe shortbread says:

    companies should just stick with the tried and tested mascara wands not these new fangled crappy ones!

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