The Warrior Diet: release your inner fat fighter

By Aisling | March 27 2007 | 21 Comments

warrior.jpgThe Warrior Diet promises to help you shed pounds without any effort and without feeling hungry!

So it promises what every other diet on the planet does, so. I think I’ve heard these promises before: convince me Warrior Diet.
Why is this diet different? Well, in a daring twist, well proven diet and healthy eating rules are literally turned upside down. You eat very little during the day – and stuff yourself at night.

Whats the “rationale” ? In a deeply scientific explanation, lavishly peppered with quotes to back up his findings (quotes that he wrote himself), the author of the Warrior Diet, Ori Hefmeckle, explains that “If you’re not actively surviving you’re passively dying”. Wha?

Ori goes back to the caveman years to explain how changing human eating patterns have caused us to become overweight. “Scientists believe that due to the necessity to endure periodic lack of food, human survival dictated early adaptation to cycles of famine and feast. Therefore we do better when following eating cycles that involve periodic undereating and overeating.”

Ok Ori, we’ll play along. So what do we do? Well there’s two main parts to the diet. The undereating phase and the overeating one. During the undereating – which lasts from 16-18 hours a day you basically eat nothing. That’s right. Nothing. While exercising like a lunatic. Then at night there’s no holds barred, no calorie restrictions, you can stuff yourself silly.

Here’s an example of a day on the Warrior Diet


  • Water: Drink at least one glass of water first thing
  • Coffee or tea
  • Fresh fruit
  • Juice: Freshly prepared (no bottled juice)
  • Vigorous exercise

Eat as much as you want from all the food groups, you must be uninhibited in your eating (seriously!). Eat in the following order:

  • Start with leafy green vegetables
  • Continue with protein (e.g. chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, shellfish, steak, eggs, cottage cheese), cooked vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, carrots, mushrooms,kale, cabbage etc) and fat (olive oil, almonds, avocado, butter)
  • Finish with carbohydrates (e.g. rice, potatoes, corn)
  • Only stop eating when you feel much more thirsty than hungry

So I’ll be starting this tonight then! What about you?

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