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The evolution of man: the rise of the the Ubersexual

By Aisling | August 31 2007 | 41 Comments

Poor men.

First they were just men. Then if they displayed any sort of interest in grooming or indeed their children, they were ‘new men’. Then they were metrosexuals if they took any pride in their appearance.

Now however we’ve got a new term. Ubersexuals. This denotes a real man. One who likes to cook. Who likes to look good. Who is the very essence of masculinity. Straight masculinity that is, because he’s definitely not gay, no he’s a real hit with the laydees.

Sounds exactly like a new man and a metrosexual doesn’t it? The Urban dictionary defines the Ubersexual as:

“a male who is similar to a metrosexual but displays the traditional manly qualities such as confidence, strength, and class – leaving no doubt as to his sexual orientation”

And this is the best bit:

bono.jpg“Bono is the world’s leading ubersexual”

What a load of crap. Do marketing people have nothing better to do than think up these ridiculous phrases? Well the answer is obviously no. No they don’t.

Who else could be an Irish Ubersexual? Go on, give it your best shot!

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