Rate it: supplements to make you look beautiful?

By Aisling | October 10 2007 | 25 Comments


There’s a lot of supplements on the market at the moment, claiming to give you better skin, hair, nails, teeth, help you lose weight, detoxify, look younger…

Foods are being promoted on the basis of the supplements that have been added to them. Added Omega 3 in bread, calcium in orange juice, more vitamins in milk.

Tell me: are you more likely to choose one food over another on the basis of these claims? Or do you swear by any supplement and take it regularly because it makes you look better?

Tell us all! Rate those supplements!

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25 Replies to "Rate it: supplements to make you look beautiful?"

  • Pearl says:

    I’ve taken Perfectil in the past and haven’t noticed any difference (I have very weak nails). I did hear Imeeden was good. At that price is should be!

  • Aphrodite says:

    I do tend to buy anything that says vitamin enriched, I even bought those yogurts to “improve your skin from the inside” for a bit. But I only got them for about two weeks, so I’d say I wasn’t exactly giving them a fair trial!

  • Harto says:

    I take a Multivimin, Vitimin B, Vitimin C and Omega 3 capsules every day. I started taking them for health reasons but i think my skin ,hair and nails have improved since starting. If I’m off them for any length of time my nails start to break and my skin starts looking crappy. I keep them on my desk in work and it reminds me to take them every day.

  • beautfan says:

    I bought HI HAIR or something like that. You were meant to take them for a month and I managed about 20 days but didn’t notice any difference.

    I bought some tablets in tesco which were meant to improves skin and there is now half a packet still in the car. Skin is in shreds at the minute but I wouldn’t blame them.

  • Tiptoe shortbread says:

    I take mega b plus c every day, helps with the stress levels and I definitely have more energy when I take it.

  • Lynnie says:

    Every day I take:
    * Centrum
    * Vitamin B
    * Evening Primrose Oil Starflower Oil Vitamin E capsule

    Didn’t start taking them as beauty supplements, more as make-me-liveable-with-at-no-baby-time supplements but my skin has definitely improved.

    Tried the Imedeen Tan Enhancer Capsules before and they were sheeeeeii. Absolute waste of money. I’m still annoyed about them!

    Pearl, how long were you taking Perfectil for? One of the other girls on here said she did notice a difference in the condition of her nails but she was taking them for 3 months straight though before seeing an improvement. Have to say I was going to buy them before but when I had a read of the back of the packet they seemed to have nothing different to Centrum!

  • Mary says:

    ive started taking centrum since last week. i dont really notice a big dif yet, but my friend swears by em, also wen i bought my yonka, whichi still love :) the therapist said how important supplements are. i eat pretty healthy diet but i no i dont get all the vit and minerals i need so the centrum should help.

  • beautfan says:

    Lynnie – a friend of mine bought tan tablets years ago. She got them in a stall in the Eyre Square Centre – think it had loads of carrots in it.

    It worked alright but she went a funny orangey colour – twas so funny.

  • SJP's Mole says:

    I’m on the Pharmaton cos I’m run down and I’ve heard people say it’s great to give you a lift. I tried Perfectil before and got no results but then no way did I take them for 3 months! I have to drink loads of water each day because I have sensitive kidneys (one day without water and I’ll get a UTI – I kid you not) and it’s a pain but I’ve got used to it now and I have to say, I have great skin as a result. Funny thing about starting to drink water – after a week or so you start to feel thirsty whereas I rarely felt thirsty before at all. I think before your body just never identified “thirst” but now that there’s loads of water going in, it’s finally copped on. I find I’m actually being driven to drink water by my thirst now, as opposed to forcing it down my unwilling gullet like in the first few days.

  • Mary says:

    mole i drink 3litres a day i have to have it, but i still break out, i always thought the drinking of the water wuld give me fab skin!

  • Tiptoe shortbread says:

    Mary I drink 3 litres a day too, haven’t been this week though and I am thirsty all the time so am getting back into it today.

  • Mary says:

    well this wk now i have been mayb only drinkiing 2 some days but ud think all the water would keep the oul skin blemish free, not for me im afraid :( no breakouts thi week thank god! one spot from last week is taking its time going away tho

  • Aphrodite says:

    I buy tons of supplements, I have such good intentions, but then I just forget to take them…
    I have a new one though that sounds ab fab and I’m GOING to take a full course of them – will let you know how I get on!

  • Atomic_Blonde says:

    I take Centrum every day, only started 3 weeks ago so no change yet. I dont eat fruit or veg so i have to start taking something. My mam says Evening Primrose Oil tabs are great for skin so i might try some of those aswell :)

  • Forever in Blue Jeans says:

    i take udos oil capsules and i find them great all rounder they are known as the Mercedes of the vitiams the oil off the spoon is supposed the better than 10 capsules but the capsules are what i can manage best :) first time commenting but check in everyday and love the site

  • Mary says:

    o forever in blue jeans i took the oil but ugh had to stop made me gag mite go back on the capsules tho

  • Jules says:

    I’ve been taking Omega 3 supplements and vitamin B complex for the past year. I have noticed a difference, particulary in my hair which used to be dry and weak but now is a lot stronger and if anything veers on the greasy side. I think taking the Omega 3 every second day might combat that. My nails are also a lot healthier and my skin is brighter than it used to be. It did, however, take a good 3-4 months before I noticed any difference at all. I don’t bother with the food that’s fortified with extra vitamins. A nutritionist friend of mine is adament that you’d need to the whole sliced pan to get your daily requirement of Omega 3 and says your better off to just take the supplement.

  • Aphrodite says:

    Blue Jeans I have Udos Choice capsules too, and I agree, they are meant to be fantastic – I only wish I could remember to take them!! Hope this is the first of many comments :-)

  • TJ says:

    i take vit b6 and also the evening primrose with starflower. they are excellent esp for joints as well. next on my list is the udos.

  • Louise says:

    I take Vitamin B6 by food state and evening primrose with vitamin E , I got these from the health shop and they are supposed to be better than the ones you get in the chemist as they are synthetic, whatever that means and the ones I’m taking are more natural and go into your system quicker because they cold pressed (primrose oil ) no chemicals in the processing.Also use Udo’s oil.I do notice a difference as I have suffered from Fibrecyctic breasts in the past (lumpy)and my GP recommended these to help and they have improved.

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