New Years Resolutions: MegaFlax Digestive

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mega flaxFeeling MegaYuck After Christmas? If you’re feeling sluggish and generally awful after way too many chocolates and boozes, then you could give MegaFlax Digestive a go. are recommending it as a post-Christmas recovery solution, and the Irish Times and Irish Examiner have both tipped it for greatness too.

But what is it? It’s a food supplement that’s brilliant for you, basically. It’s formulated to promote digestive health by providing both pre- and probiotics, and it’s is a completely natural, vegetarian source of Omega 3 and 6 EFAs (essential fatty acids). And that’s not all – it contains 29 essential nutrients in total, and it also boosts immunity and joint flexibility. To use it, you can add it to liquids or sprinkle it on other foods. It has a sweet, nutty flavour.

You can buy it in two week or one month supply sizes and it costs €15.75 or €23.80. If you don’t want to buy online, you should also be able to pick this up in health food shops.

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11 Replies to "New Years Resolutions: MegaFlax Digestive"

  • Alan says:

    It would be a whole let better to start eating fresh fruit and vegetables and drink more water. If you need something extra to kickstart a sluggish digestive system, personally I would recommend Weetaflakes with the added prebiotic and a really natural yoghurt with live cultures such as Old MacDonnells Yoghurt.

    These supplements are just yet another product designed for people who just couldn’t be bothered eating properly in the first place.

    Save yourself some money folks, and follow my advice instead.

  • sarah says:

    Alan, you sound like you know what your talking about…….when you say have the weetaflakes with an added prebiotic what can you use as the prebiotic???
    Ive been told that all those little drinks actimel etc.. are full of sugar and no good for the body…..

  • Alan says:

    Hi Sarah, the Weetaflakes themselves have the added prebiotic. And you are right, Actimel is awash with liquid sugar and from any reading I’ve done, the belieft is that this extra sugar negates the probiotic effect in the drink.

    I know what works for me and I’ve recommended the same to family members who had the sluggish feeling and everyone found the Weetaflakes even by themselves to be great. A good big bowl will do the trick.

    And one thing to remember is that raw fruit and veg are natural prebiotics as well.

  • fiona says:

    Alan, I have just started taking Actimel for the first time as someone in a healthfood shop recommended it to me for my skin, digestion & general wellbeing. I have always resisted the temptation before now thinking that it was just a clever marketing campaign! Do you think it is pointless taking it?

    Also where would I get Weetaflakes – is it in a healthfood shop or regular supermarket? Do you put milk on it or yoghurt?

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

  • Admin says:

    Just a couple of points.
    1. There was no suggestion that this be used in place of a proper diet. regular readers will know of course that we’ve blogged about healthy eating before and will continue to do so. It was suggested as a Christmas pick me up, sometimes we all need a bit of extra help!
    2.if you are really concerned about your digestive health, speak to a doctor or a nutritionist. Everyone has their own methods that work for them but if you feel you’ve a problem, then I’d urge you to get it checked out!

  • sarah says:

    You can get them in any supermarket…….I’ve seem them in Tesco, and I would imagine you could have them either with milk or natural yoghurt!! Either would be great id say but yoghurt for am ore filling dish!!

    Im no expert but I think thats right!!

    Come bk Alan………

  • sarah says:

    Im bk again Fiona….they are defo in Tesco..
    you can get either Weetaflakes pre biotic or prebiotic with fruit………im off to get a box!!

  • fiona says:

    Thanks Sarah, appreciate it. Where is Alan with advice on Actimel?!

  • sweeto says:

    weetaflakes is by the makers of weetabix! you can get it in supermarkets. It’s obviously got wheat in it though, which isn’t good for some people.

  • Alan says:

    Hi Fiona

    Re: the Actimel. For some people it works I’m sure but to be honest I don’t think something with so much sugar is something I want to put into my system.

    To all:

    The advice from the admins is of course the best approach to take if you have ongoing or recurrent digestive problems as each individual has a different situations but for the short term post Christmas sluggish feeling it’s no harm to give the few things I suggested a try.

  • Ricky says:

    I have tried this product and I really like it. It provides regularity without the need of harsh Laxative components or preservatives.

    This is just my point of view. I’ve been taking it for 2 months, no complains.

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