Keep some Fragrance Warm this Christmas

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You lot might have an inkling how much I like Origins Ginger range – after all, I have mentioned my severe devotion a time or 45 at this stage. And if you’re a fan too, then you’ll be pleased to hear about a campaign they’re running for Christmas, called Ginger Knits. Origins want you to knit little scarves which will then be tied snugly around bottles of Ginger Essence, with a donation from the sale of each cosy bottle going to homeless charities (I checked and a donation will be made to Irish charity for bottles that’re sold here). So what do you have to do to take part?

For starters, they want you to only knit scarves in festive colours, so that means red, gold and green. And each scarf must be a specific size too – cast on 4 stitches, and knit 40 rows, then cast off – the choice of stitch is your own, so you can perl or plain to your hearts content. Creative types can cable, moss stitch or rib; add tassles; knit stripes or use lurex wool. My word, I’m impressing myself with my knowledge o’ knitting!

Once you have your little scarf all done, pop it in the post to:

Origins Ginger Knits,
73 Grosvenor Street,
London, W1K 3BQ,

And do please post your scarves as soon as they are ready, ensuring that they arrive no later than 20 November 2007.

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