How D’you Like Them Coconuts?

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One of the best tips we’ve gotten over the last few months of was from Glitterkitty, a frequent blatherer. She told us that coconut oil is only fabillis for adding shine and lustre to hair. So what is this stuff, how do you use it, and MOST importantly, where do you get it?

Over to Glitterk:

You’ll need:
1 x teaspoon, 1 x tub coconut oil [it’s solid at room temp]

And the method?

  • 1 x heaped teaspoon of coconut oil is enough for two hands.
  • Take the coconut oil into both palms – the oil will melt in your hands.
  • Run your fingers through hair to distribute

She’s yet to discover the optimal amount of time oil should be in hair – so what she usually goes for is a few hours while reading trashy magazines in anticipation of going out that evening. And she notes – hair will need to be washed to see results!

So where do you get this magical stuff? Well, coconut oil can be got in any chemist and it’s sold in a plain tub and is usually on a shelf with items like silcocks base and aqueous cream. And it’s cheap as chips – about €4 a tub.

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10 Replies to "How D’you Like Them Coconuts?"

  • Makeupstuff says:

    In India women have used coconut oil as a pre-wash treatment for many many years. Oil treatments are really common there. Coconut oil is the best hair oil.

    It has been proven that coconut oil reduced protein loss in hair when washing.

    “Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is the only oil found to reduce the protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair. This is due to the fact that VCO is a triglyceride of lauric acid (principal fatty acid). It has a high affinity for hair proteins & because of its low molecular weight and straight linear chain, VCO is able to penetrate deep inside the hair shaft and carry nourishment along with it. ”

    source: J. Cosmet. Sci., 54, 175-192 (March/April 2003) “Effect of mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oil on prevention of hair damage”
    AARTI S. RELE and R. B. MOHILE, Research and Development Department,
    Nature Care Division, Marico Industries Ltd., Mumbai, India.

  • Em says:

    I’ve been meaning to try the coconut oil since it was mentioned on the blather a while ago. For years I’ve used Olive Oil on my hair. My grandmother recommended it to me when I was about 13, apparently it was something my great-grandmother always used on her hair. I rub it in, leave it on overnight (making sure I’ve covered my pillow with a towel)and then wash it out in the morning. I have a dry scalp and it really helps with that, plus my hair is so much more manageable and shiny and my hairdresser even remarked about my hair being in better condition. I use Boots Skin Softening Olive Oil which is about the same price as the coconut oil. It works better than any of the conditioners I’ve tried.

  • Jenskin says:

    Do you put it in wet or dry hair?and if wet then do you use it after you wash your hair? and if dry do you wash it out and then shampoo!?
    So many questions I know but I want to get it right! :)

  • Makeupstuff says:

    Always apply oil to dry hair. Apply it either an hour before washing or the night before. Don’t use too much though, start with just a little, wash out with shampoo, you can apply shampoo to dry hair first, to really get out the oil. If your hair is very dry it might look oily a few days after washing, so be prepared to put it up in a bun. But just keep oiling it and it will get moisturized. If your hair is just moderately dry or ok, you’ll get out all the oils from the hair without problem with just one wash.

  • Makeupstuff says:

    Always apply oil to dry hair. Start with a little and let it sit for 2 hours, or overnight. Heat it just a little before, that will make it easier for the hair to absorb it.
    If your hair is a little dry or moderately normal, the hair should be easy to wash out with just shampoo. Applying shampoo to dry hair and then wetting it down can get out the oils easier.
    If your hair is very dry, it might look a bit oily for a day or two after washing, so be prepared to put it in a bun or an updo. Just keep oiling and it will get moisturized and you will see a difference!

    You can also use a tiny bit of oil as a leave-in treatment, just two drops on the pams of your hands and finger-comb your hair. It makes the hair softer and calms down frizzies.

  • jenskin says:

    Excellent, can’t wait to try it out! :)

  • lisa says:

    it’s supposed to be good for getting rid of head lice too, which is gross and less pampery, but beats the hell out of the noxious chemical smell of childhood…

  • Er, had a bad experience with the olive oil in the hair thing. I was afraid to go out for a week…It made my curls all limp and greasy. I’ll be steering clear of oils, I’m such an idiot homemade beauty turns into a disaster with me. :)

  • beautfan says:

    Think I’ll give this a shot. Have heavly highlighter hair but suffered badly from product weighing it down. It needs moisture but hangs lanks when I use most products.

    Have found that using products for normal hair and on a once off basis use a special treatment suits me best.

  • jhon says:

    its good

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