Hector Anseo! Advice on getting a glow on Milky White Skin

By Beaut.ie | January 26 2007 | 7 Comments

hectorHector isteach sa teach, a cailini! Feach ar mo handsome face!

When I do be travellin’ round the globe for me holiday programmes, I do be getting a bit on the auld embarrassed side about my milky Irish complexion. Is maith liom an ghrian, but an ghrian doesn’t like me much lads! And sure it doesn’t help that I always wear my sunglasses on me head, wha’?

I’m lettin’ yiz in on a little secret here – to blend in with the locals, I lash on an auld bit of L’Oreal Men Experte Anti-Dull Skin Tanning Moisturiser – I get a lovely golden glow, and my cheeks are as smooth as a baby’s arse!

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7 Replies to "Hector Anseo! Advice on getting a glow on Milky White Skin"

  • sarah says:

    go an ya good thing…….

  • Aphrodite says:

    I know a guy who uses this (I cannot reveal his name under threat of torture) and it looks great, really natural

  • sarah says:

    good for them I say, they have every much a right to look hot as we do!!

  • prudence says:

    Samlaigh! as Eddie Hobbs would say! Ceanuil Hector’s new skin regime! Mr P. has suggested paipear gaineamh for the freckles – think he’s just jealous of Hector’s glowing aghaidh!

  • Batch says:

    I wish someone would kill Hector. That would solve all his problems.

  • Admin says:


  • prudence says:

    On no Batch – don’t be saying things like that! Hector encapsulates everything that is desirable in Irish manhood – earthy Celtic mistique, images of warriors straining for battle, raw sexuality coupled with an emerging femininity revealing itself in his new interest in skin and hair-care! Move over Finn McCool, Hector AnSeo!

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