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Dove Pro-Age Range

By | May 10 2007 | 20 Comments

pro age

Dove have launched a new range called Pro-Age, because they believe that ‘beauty has no age limit’. And that’s nothing to do with marketing speil at all, we take it?

All cynicism aside, I do quite like that they’ve come out and declared that the range is about celebrating and affirming the aging process, rather than seeking to fight it. They also claim that the products in the range won’t ‘over-promise’ the effects they can have – now, that really is refreshing, coming from a cosmetics company.

So what’s on offer? Well, a lot of products you wouldn’t traditionally associate with anti-aging actually – including body washes, deodorant and body lotion as well as more obvious offerings like a chest and neck serum, hand cream and a full and thick shampoo. The packaging is an attractive dark red, and knowing Dove, the prices will be reasonable. In addition, it’s an easy brand to get your (withered) hands on, as most supermarkets carry stock.

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