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And in Futher CBB News – Jade is a BIG FAT LYING CAAAAH

By | January 10 2007 | 21 Comments

jadeI was buying coffee on the way in this morning and noticed a screamingly big headline in the Sun: Jade’s fitness secret is fat fib! Yay! Celeb Gossip-strordinaire! Needless to say, I scurried as fast as my fat little legs would carry me into the office and logged onto the Sun website. And there was the story in all it’s pixelly glory – yep, the shy and retiring Ms. Goody didn’t go on a diet, she had LIPO! The cheating wagon! She apparently paid £4,500 for the procedure at Leicester’s Beau Aesthetica clinic four weeks ago.

Ha ha Jade – snared rapid! You can read the rest of the story on the Sun website.

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