Ask & You Shall Receive: What’s the best treatment for cold sores?

By Aisling | December 18 2006 | 22 Comments

LLYSINE11.jpgLast week I posted up a list of my yet to be answered Ask and you Shall Receive queries. One of them was from a regular sufferer of cold sore who wanted to know if we had any tips on avoiding outbreaks.  I have to admit my knowledge of cold sore treatments more or less ended with Zovirax and that’s why I was really glad to get an email from Ruth in Galway who gave us loads of tips and strategies. Over to you Ruth:

  • Take the supplement L-Lysine (it is an amino acid) which can reduce the number of outbreaks and speed up the healing process if a breakout occurs. Take 1000mg of L-Lysine daily as a preventative. I use the Solgar brand of L-Lysine which costs about €8.95 from health food shops.  I have been taking L-Lysine for over a year now and have not had one attack (hope i dont jinx myself here). I know how painful and horrible they are and hope these tips will help others in the same boat
  • Take some extra Vitamin C as this has been shown to stop the virus growing
  • Avoid foods containin high amounts of Arganine (another amino acid) which is found in chocolate, nuts and some other foods (lists are available on the net) as this can also help to reduce outbreaks.  Large amounts of Arganine can trigger an attack

To speed up healing

  • If an outbreak occurs take  1000mg of L-Lysine 3 times daily to speed up the healing
  • use your normal Cold Sore medication such as Zovirax or similar
  • Stay away from foods containing Arganine

Thanks a million Ruth! If anyone has any more tips we’d love to hear them.  And if you spot any Ask and You Shall Recieve queries that you think you might be able to help us with we’d be delighted to hear from you!

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22 Replies to "Ask & You Shall Receive: What’s the best treatment for cold sores?"

  • glittergirl says:

    The husbands brother swears by putting aftershave on them. He says it dries them up really fast even if it stings like hell – not sure about it myself but if anyone wants to try it………………..

  • Aphrodite says:

    Yikes! Sounds painfull – and er incredible – think we shoud stick with Ruth’s recommendations!

  • glittergirl says:

    Ah sure a bit of pain never hurt (!) anyone!!! But eh yeah I’ll be sticking to Ruth’s ones!!!!!!!!!

  • mymy says:

    The Compede spelt wrong)cold sore patches are brilliant – great cover up, would give them 10/10! Slap one on the second you feel the tingle (if you are prone to them like me, keep some in your handbag) and believe me the pain isn’t as bad and there is no horrible crustyness – ugh :(

  • LaLa-Murph says:

    anyone have any remedies for the dreaded (why of all weeks) skin outbreak?? red spots do not go with my xmassy outfits!!!

  • Mary says:

    tea tree oil dabed neat on the nasty feckers. does the trick. dont squeeze till only make em red and sore and stick out more.

  • LaLa-Murph says:

    Thanx mary….have my handy tea tree cream here beside me at work..have gotten a few looks..but will upgrade to the oil now!!

  • glittergirl says:

    Origins do a mask called Out of Trouble and it’s great for taking the redness out of spots cos there’s menthol in it. If you can get your hands on some it’s well worth it

  • Aphrodite says:

    yeah in the case of such a catastrophe occuring i always put a dab of STRONG facemask on the spot (e.g. medicated or pore cleansing) and leave it overnight – it makes a huge difference

  • glittergirl says:

    Definitely – Elemis do a lavender herbal repair mask which is gorgeous and works wonders too. Leave it on over night and you’ll be set

  • LaLa-Murph says:

    great stuff ladies…feel a bit better already! hate these badly-timed reason-free breakouts…only had a clay facemask on the other day…will douse them in it later!

  • NGO says:

    Have heard that toothpaste can work too! Like if you’re travelling or whatever and don’t have anything else to hand……not sure tho!

  • Maj says:

    An instant killer of cold sores is rubbing a slice of lemon or garlic on it, it stings for a bit but it pretty much kills them instantly!!

  • Gary says:

    I had cold sores which lasted for over 5 weeks but they have left red visible marks around the mouth area for the past 2 weeks since they cleared.Any ideas how to clear up these marks?

  • Aphrodite says:

    Gary, I’m not an expert but it might be just that you had the cold sores for a good while and it might be taking your skin a while to heal. It’s the same with zits – even when they’re gone, your skin can be slightly scarred for a while – temporarily – I’d say that’s what it might be

  • Pauline Kelly says:

    I never had cold sores before in my life, I am 47 years old. Got an outbreak which started in my nose and crawled down, have it 3 months, been to dr. and put on medication for shingles, taken three doses of antibiotics. Has anyone any treatment, have none on lips just inside nose and between nose and lip.

  • LOU says:

    i swear by bergamot. it’s an essential oil. i use it neat, a dab of a cotton bud and by next morning, the pesky thing is half the size! stings a little though.
    iodine used the same way also has the same result, but it leaves a stain on your face.
    over the counter creams don’t really do the trick for me.
    just found your site.. very cool!

  • LauraF says:

    I love d Origins Out of Trouble Mask 2. Use it everytime i get a breakout and next morning so much calmer looking and heals them much quicker.

  • Tari Tiwele says:

    i suffer from coldsores :( they really hurt. i tried the lemon juice tip just before, it stung like hell, but i feel so much better already! i also put my lip balm on my lip, i swear by this stuff! it’s called ‘massage bar’, from ‘food for your skin’. it’s a hand-made olive-oil product. the contact number on the lid is (03) 5957 7369, and just a little note here, it’s an australian number. the website is i use the massage bar with the mung beans and the azuki beans.

    hope i helped XD

  • Marie Jones says:

    For anyone interested in trying a little homeopathy a remedy called Nat Mur often not only quickens up the healing of an outbreak but reduces the likelyhood of a reocurance. Particularly useful for people who are sensitive to the sun.

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