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diane kruger fishtail braid

Plaits, please: Braided hair is hot for SS13

There are some things that scream summer, and I reckon plaited hair is right up there with 99s and al fresco drinkies and carrying an umbrella as well as a pair of sunglasses everywhere you go. Once...

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The Braid is Back: Are The Odds in Your Favour You’ll Be Wearing it?

Braids have been making fashion waves for the last few years but The Hunger Games has thrown them into sharp focus once more thanks to Katniss’ District 12 ways. The braid is back, and cor...

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elizabeth banks nails How To: The Hunger Games Manicures

Assuming that you haven’t given up all interaction with the outside world for Lent, you’ll have heard about The Hunger Games, which Himself and I went to see on Monday night. (Neither of...

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effie trinket for China Glaze

The Hunger Games is Coming, along with a LOT of Brilliant Beauty Inspiration

Katniss Everdeen If you’ve read Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy and liked ‘em, the the odds are probably in your favour that you’re looking forward to the first film, The...

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