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A Cure for Frodo Feet? Disgustingly delightful: Scholl Express Pedi

I recently took up running (which I LOVE.) But oh my dear sweet GOD the effect it’s had on my feet is ridiculous. They’re calloused, blistery, rough, everything you DON’T want in a foot and...

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Read More |June 23 2013 | 29 Comments

Thunderstruck: my Scholl Party Feet are cutting the bleedin heels off me

When Kirstie and I were at a wedding at the weekend we were kept busy admiring all the fantastic shoes that were parading around. And of course nearly every high heel wearer would have been wearing...

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Read More |June 21 2010 | 38 Comments

The one where Lynnie falls head over heels for Scholl

Now, I’m not usually one to absolutely fall hook, line and sinker for a product after only one go. Usually, I like to really give things a good oul’ whirl before I decide whether...

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Read More |June 3 2008 | 4 Comments

Sort out terrible trotters with Scholl’s new Nail Brightening System

Scholl are great ones for products to make life easier for your footsies, aren’t they? Their latest offering is no exception, and even promises to prettify icky toenails. It’s a 3-step...

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Read More |May 20 2008 | 9 Comments

Scholl: Saviours of heels as well as soles

Yiz were gassin’ in yesterday’s Blather about Converse, and a few girlies remarked that, while they looked good, they were inclined to cut the bleedin’ heels off them. Which reminded...

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Hateful Heels

We’re planning on going for some pretty intensive medi-pedis soon (I hope the therapists have industrial strength hoof tools) but in the meantime, my heels are in rag order – as someone...

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