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Too casual for smart casual?

Cracking the (dress) code: What the hell is “smart casual”?

There’s a gap between the rules of college life and the rules of adult life that is difficult to surmount. In college, it’s perfectly acceptable to rock up to a lecture wearing stained...

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vanilla and anise cologne

Office Appropriate: Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise Cologne

We’ve been looking at makeup buys that are great for the office, but scent’s another thing you have to consider for the work environment: anything too strong is likely to cause dissension...

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Read More |July 17 2009 | 7 Comments
desk drawer

Office Appropriate: What do You Keep in Your Desk?

Since we’re all about boss-friendly slap this week (don’t worry, I’ll find a ton of ludicrous shennanigans for you to all slather on come Monday), I thought we’d round out the...

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sensuous gold

Office Appropriate: Estee Lauder’s Sensuous Gold Collection

While the subtle shades in Estee Lauder‘s forthcoming autumn launch, Sensuous Gold (look for it from August 7th) make it absolutely perfect for work, it’d be a shame to just waste all that...

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work lips

Office Appropriate: Pucker up for Gloss and Lipstick

So, we had the low-down on office-appropriate nails yesterday (anything goes, apparently), we looked at some new Clinique cosmetics on Monday and later in the week we’ll be taking a look at some...

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work nails

Office Appropriate: What’s Good for Nails?

While makeup’s probably best kept sedate if you work in a very businessy environment, nails are something you can be a little more adventurous with, according to Kate Verling of Mink.  Based...

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Work Appropriate: Clinique’s Bamboo Pink Collection

Bamboo Pink lipstick by Clinique is one of those products that grew in popularity purely through word of mouth. You could call it a true cult classic in that the company didn’t set out to make...

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work makeup Focus: Daytime and Work-Appropriate Makeup

We Irish love a bit of getting dressed up, don’t we? Whether that’s an upshot of having no cash for so long as our economy languished in the financial doldrums, or then suddenly having...

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