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How To: Peter Mark’s Michael Doyle on YOUR Hair Dilemmas!

You lot got a chance to ask Michael Doyle your ‘sleb and trend-related hair queries a while ago and the poor fella’s been slaving over  a hot laptop ever since. Did he get round to your...

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Read More |June 16 2009 | 7 Comments
michael doyle

Got a Hair Care? Peter Mark’s Michael Doyle Answers YOUR Questions!

While he’s based at Peter Mark’s Grafton Street branch, Michael Doyle may well be familiar to you from his numerous TV appearances – he’s been on Off The Rails a ton of times...

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Read More |April 30 2009 | 27 Comments

TV3 vs. the IFTAs: Oh it’s on, beeatch

As xgirl flagged in her recent post about the Golden Globes, awards season is upon us once again. But it’s not just out in forren parts that they do hold these ceremonies, y’know. Oh...

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