Water Baby: Vichy Aqualia Range

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Earlier this summer I was sent to France on a mission. And that mission was to investigate the launch of a new and fabulous skincare product from a beaut.ie stalwart and long time favourite brand, Vichy.

They’re a brand who are known and respected for their excellent research, formulations and issue specific skincare solutions. Think Normaderm for young and problem skins, Oligo 25 for anti-dull skin, plus formulations to fight the signs of aging, suncare, makeup – and lots more. But all are connected by the fact that the core ingredient in every Vichy product is their unique thermal spa water.

The water percolates through volcanic rocks, high above the town of Vichy, with the benefits being discovered in the 17th century. And they’re pretty damn good benefits – the water helps to soothe skin and help to reinforce the skin’s natural protective function – all on its own. All this has been verified under stringent testing, and you only have to use a Vichy product to understand how effective they are.

But one thing Vichy were missing from their huge product range was a universal product, and that’s where Aqualia comes in. It’s a hydrating solution that can be used by everyone, regardless of age, skin condition or issue. Coming as it does in a range of formulations – cream, serum (a first for the brand in Ireland) and light cream – there really is one to suit all. If you’ve got mature skin, then use the serum under your usual anti-aging product, if your skin tends towards dryness, use the cream. Oilier skins will like the lighter fluid, but the core message here is that everyone can benefit from adding moisture to their skin.

There is a fundamental and misunderstood difference between dehydrated and dry skins, which leads people with percieved dryness to load on heavy creams, causing other problems like pore clogging, without actually addressing the underlying issue. It is entirely possible to have very oily skin which is actually dehydrated – what happens is the skin needs moisture, and so over produces sebum to compensate. You end up with congestion, shininess, and an unhappy complexion. Trying a product like Aqualia, which under tests actually helped to reduce skin sensitivities and strenghten skin, is a good idea.

I’ve been using Aqualia for a couple of months now and find it to be a fantastic all round product that suits me when used on its own, as I don’t have particular issues. But again, hydration is something we all need, and is fundamental in how our skins look. For example, if you find you’re just starting to show fine lines round the eyes, it’s likely you need hydration, and not a heavy duty anti-aging product.

Plump looking skin is youthful, healthy looking skin, and a product that helps to achieve that is something we can all do with in our bathroom cabinets! Get Aqualia now in pharmacies nationwide, and prices are as follows:

  • Aqualia Thermal Light cream
    • pot 50ml €21.50
    • tube 40ml €19.95
  • Aqualia Thermal Rich cream
    • pot 50ml €21.50
    • tube 40ml €19.95
  • Aqualia Thermal Serum pump
    • pot 30ml €22.95

Water Baby: Vichy Aqualia Range

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