Don’t do an innocent search for this. Just don’t do it

By Aisling McDermott | 11 February, 2011 | | Edit

cream pie

In the course of researching for and doing other important tasks, we are frequently shocked to the core at the results of innocent search terms.

My first insight into the disgusting results that can appear was when I was googling “facials”. The results: don’t Google that word expecting a run down of the latest in salon skincare alone. Nope, you’ll find something quite different, especially if you run an image search.

In a post about he Wand Wizard we were a bit worried about what might, er, pop up as it were. But all was fine until the term frankenwand was mentioned in the comments. “oh DEAR” said Daiseeboo, who disregarded all advice and googled the term. “I am beginning to realise I lead a very sheltered life. Think I would be better suited to life in a convent.

The latest ugh term not to search for is “cream pies.” Don’t do it people – just don’t do it!

What have you accidentally come across (as it were) and what would you tell everyone to avoid?

Don’t do an innocent search for this. Just don’t do it

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