Benefit Benetint: red nipples for bigger tips

By Aisling McDermott | 18 July, 2011 | | Edit

Seeing as we’re talking about all things red and rosy today (well okay one other thing, red eyeliner), I thought I’d share a little story about the origins of Benefit‘s cult product Benetint

Some of you will know this, but some of you won’t.

One day the Benefit sisters were working away in their shop in San Fransisco when the tinkle of the bell over the door signaled the arrival of a new customer.

“I’m a stripper” she explained “And my nipples are a bit … pale.  The girls with the red ones are getting better tips.  Have you got anything to make me look more like a scarlet women?”

The Benefit sisters turned to one another and never ones to miss an opportunity quickly replied.

“Why no we don’t, but if you come back tomorrow we’ll have something for you.”

The stripper agreed and left the shop, promising to return in the morning.  The Benefit sisters worked feverishly through the night, bubbling potions over bunsen burners and stirring cauldons of magical ingredients until the right consistency and shade was created.

And so Benetint was born.  When the stripper returned the next day she pronounced the mixture exactly right and so began a legend and the beginning of an empire.

Thus ends my tale.

And before you begin to question the authoritay of this story I can confirm that it is 100% true and I heard it from the horses mouth.

Good eh?

Benefit Benetint: red nipples for bigger tips

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