50 Fine Things 2009 #1-10

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Rob Kearney

Right Rob Kearney. Half of the country wants to jump your bones and take a ride on those thighs of steel. And the other half are in denial. You’re officially Beaut.ie’s Finest Thing of 2009. Try AND conversion!

  1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers We just can’t get enough of you JRM. You can wear Uggs and swig cans on the street if you like, but all we have to do is see you in a ripped tunic in The Tudors and all is forgiven. The term smoldering was invented for guys like you and even though you’ve lost your Cark accent we SO would.
  2. Liam NeesonI sense a disturbance in the force. Who would have thought the old Jedi Knight would make it in at number three? You lot voted for him in your droves. Was it just because you hoped those rumours of him having a big lad were true? Who knows – but you’re still liking the Big Fella
  3. Colin Farrell Ah Jayus sure you knew de Farreler would be here and in anyways didn’t ya? He was way too greasy, scruffy and downright disgusting for many of you to stomach for a while, but now that he’s cleaned up his act and rediscovered his razor, he’s won his way back into your hearts. Don’t be going too goody two shoes though Colin, we like a of bit hard partying bad boy – just don’t be doing the whole homeless derelicte routine again.
  4. Niall Breslin Niall, not everyone who voted for you knew your name it must be said. But you incited a fire in enough female loins that the entry “yer man from the Blizzards” cropped up frequently enough to send you in at number five. Handsome boy and we have a feeling you’ll be figuring on this list for years to come.
  5. Gordon D’Arcy Yes, Dorce makes it into the top ten – of course. “The big rugby ride” enthused his fans in their emails. And also said a lot more stuff that’s not fit to print.
  6. Gabriel Byrne Another Silver Fox, Gabrielle makes it safely in at number seven. Even though most of yis were too young to remember Bracken he still has an oddly seductive hold on Irish womanhood. His new show on US telly isn’t hampering his status either. An oldie and still a goodie it seems.
  7. Cillian Murphy This long eyelashed actor is a definite scene stealer and we can’t stop watching him battling everything from 800 years of oppression, to glitter eyeshadow and high heels. A heck of a lot of you would like to see those Bambi eyes up close and personal.
  8. Ronan O’Gara Ronan, if you’re having a good day on the pitch you can’t do any wrong. And the consensus seems to be that you’re no longer a boy, you’re a mighty fine man. You can shoot a penalty kick our way any day you like. Just make sure you get it between the posts.
  9. Craig Doyle Although some of you think he’s the kind of guy who irons his boxers, the rest of you fancy the boxers offa him. No surprise that the seriously sexy television presenter is the man most of you would like to go on holidays with. (Sorry couldn’t resist the mammy magazine stylee writing there in the second sentence)


  1. Stuart Townsend Only surprise here is that he didn’t make the list higher up. Cos he’s not losing it. Is he? Nah, he’s as gorgeous as ever.
  2. Paul Noonan The lead singer from Bell X-1 can do more than toast an aul marshmallow with you lot from the sound of things. In fact we think you wouldn’t say no to the chocolate at the end of his cornetto.
  3. Luke Fitzgerald Another one to watch. With a hairdo more reminiscent of something from the Premier League then the IRFU we’re liking its high maintenance ways. We can picture him rising higher (in the chart) next year, when his voice breaks.
  4. John McGuire You’re a bad boy in a sharp suit. And we just have to say that your pinstripes are way too tight. But we think you already know that and you’re doing it on purpose to drive us wild. And it’s working!
  5. Pierce Brosnan The ex Double Oh Seven is still alright from the looks of things. His finest moment was of course as the sexy detective in Remington Steele when we all wished we were Laura Holt.
  6. Dylan Moran Rumpled, messy haired and unwittingly attractive to all it seems. I’ll resist from making a little black book joke here – but Dylan we want more than your phone number. Gorgeous and funny? Gets us every time.
  7. David Wallace Known for his barnstorming skills for Munster, we’re not a bit ashamed to say we’ve never actually noticed those, spending our time focusing on his Powerful Thighs of Steel instead. Wibble.
  8. Brian O’Driscoll Hooky wishes you were Taoiseach of Ireland. We wish the opposition would stop beating the crap out of you. We’d like to protect you Bod, and perhaps cheer you up a bit by playing nurses and rugby players. That’s a real game… isn’t it?
  9. Aiden Gillen Ever since we first saw you swaggering around in the brilliant Queer as Folk we’ve been hooked. This boy from Drumcondra is impossibly handsome. And looks very naughty indeed.
  10. Larry Mullen Larry, you haven’t changed your look since the eighties. But why mess with a winning formula? You’re strong, silent and we still fancy the leather jacket off ya.

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