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woman sit ups

POLL: One, two… OOOOH! Have YOU had a Coregasm?

Throw away your Rampant Rabbit and cancel your date with yer man with the big mickey.  Apparently doing a few sit ups at the gym might be just the thing to...
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Moroccanoil Treatment at Zeba: Oooh, Shiny

Moroccanoil is a product you’ll probably have seen in celebridee “can’t live without!” lists or in Stateside magazines or websites, but...
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Oooh: Bonus Time With Milly for Clinique

Just on the off-chance any of you might need yet another cosmetic bag courtesy of a Clinique Bonus Time offer (and we’ve discussed in glorious detail what...
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Microsoft Word - MagicMirth&MiscÉ_HOL09 copy.doc

Oooh look what Santa’s brought us! Mac Mischief makers: get naughty and sparkle

It’s Christmas party time – and that means we’ve got the perfect excuse to glitter and sparkle. And with glittering makeup such a strong trend...
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Oooh I’m gonna buy shoes and I’m ready for the weekend: win a trip to London with West Coast Cooler

It’s enough to shake off those Monday Blues.  West Coast Cooler have got a fantabulous competition running at the moment and it strikes me that...
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cheryl cole

Something kind of oooh – Cheryl Cole Tattoos to go?

A handy cut out and keep guide to Cheryls tattoos Cheryl Cole is famously plastered in tatts – five of them at time of writing. Back of neck: Mrs Cole...
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Laura Mercier Gilded Garden Collection: Oooh, pretty

As we emerge from the depths of winter and start to bask in the warmth of that round yellow thingy in the sky and say things like “Grand stretch in the...
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Paul frank

Sneaky Peek: OOoh – Paul Frank Designs Lip Balm!

While I’m long past my Paul Frank phase (in my mid-20s I think I owned half of Ireland’s GDP in PF merchandise), I did still do a little squeal when...
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Oooh La Lancome! I Fall for a Mascara (again)

“BZZZZZZZZZZ BzzzzZZZZZZZzz”, went my buzzer at 9am yesterday morning, throwing me into a panic. “Eeeehhh”, I screeched down the...
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Ooooh ooooh! Clinique Bonus Time alert!

  Fans of Clinique who are keeping a beady eye out for the next Bonus Time offer, be advised that they are happening in various spots around the country at the...
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