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By Brenda | January 22 2015 | 16 Comments

I do love a multi purpose balm. If one lands on my desk, there’s a very good chance I’ll give it a go. These little tubs (or tubes) of soothing, hydrating potions are brilliant for nails, cuticles, flyaway hairs, dry patches, lips and more.

8hr new packaging-hr

The big daddy of such multi use balmy whatsits for me is Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream (€33). Not everyone loves it but those of us who do are never far from a tube. As well as being great on dry lips and cuticles, it’s a wonder on parched skin.

And years ago someone told me it works really well applied all over the face before bed if you’ve had a late night. It’s a bit gooey but skin definitely looks more hydrated the next morning.


Another good option is Liz Earle Superbalm (€20.50) and it smells gorgeous, as do most Liz Earle products. It contains plant oils, natural waxes and shea butter, so it’s good on dry patches, elbows and the like. There’s vitamin E-rich avocado oil, rosehip oil and neroli essential oil, which has uplifting properties.

Skin Comforting Miracle Balm-1

Champney’s little tub of Skin Comforting Miracle Balm (€7.69) has set up a permanent home on my desk lately. You can get it in Boots and it’s a lovely product. It’s full of shea butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax, and cocoa butter to moisturise and there’s lavender, chamomile and geranium in there too. It works very well as a lip balm and on cuticles.


Finally, another one to try is Trilogy’s Everything Balm (€16.95) Some people swear by this but I’ve never really been taken with it. Trilogy is a great brand (the Rosehip Oil is fab) but there’s something about the texture of this balm that I never get on with. Still, it’s packed with rosehip, Echinacea and jojoba oil so is nourishing and soothing on skin – and it’s natural too.

And if you want to check out more skin tips and tricks, we have have a special section for all your queries right here!

Have you tried a multi purpose balmy whatsit? Where do you stand on the Marmite-esq Eight Hour Cream question?

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16 Replies to "Balmy Army: Multi Purpose Balms"

  • witchgirl26 says:

    I love my Eight Hour Cream. Have a little tube on my desk in work & a plethora of the little tubs in handbags, bedside locker & the car. Think the reason I like it so much is that my mam had something similar from Oriflame when I was growing up & I know it works. The little tubs are only £8 too in a lot of places in the UK so not too bad. :)

  • Miriam says:

    If I slathered 8 Hr all over my face after a night on the tiles I would wake up as my 14 year old self with pimples the size of oranges!

    • orla says:

      Lol! Exactly. Lucas pawpaw is my everything balm. I swear by the stuff. It’s incredible

      • aoife says:

        I was OBSESSED with Lucas Pawpaw when I lived in Australia, can you get it here?? It’s the one thing (apart from the weather) that I miss from Aus.

  • Phloebers says:

    Those of ye who are Elizabeth Arden fans, should try Cheno Unction, its used on cows udders, and basically it is 8hr cream… even has the identical ‘fragrance’… its remarkablely cheaper too, 400g is €14.50…. can be got in most co-ops and farm supplies shops! I am not joking ladies, it really is pretty much the same formulation, alto you can get fly repellant Cheno Unction , which maybe isnt needed much on us ladies… unless we are in the outback..

  • Min says:

    Ooh balms are so delicious! Thanks for the geadsup re Champneys…..I love their cleansing balm but have missed this one. (I reckon Trilogy is pretty much a perfect brand but I am ambivalent about the balm too, it doesn’t send me.)
    Can I recommend Lush UltraBalm for the 99th time? Scent free but totally botanical, it’s a great standby, and face-friendly too. (Another decent one is by M&S Pure range, great prices for surprisingly good products, though the newer offshoot based on viniculture is not so brilliant, imo.)
    (8 Hour Cream : aaargh. For a couple of psnicky years in the 90s I used it as a moisturiser and couldn’t understand why my eczema didn’t disappear overnight. :( Halcyon days before we had ingredients lists eh?? But I still have an old pot, great for toenail cuticles etc.)

    I use a Decleor balm at night sometimes, as a change from oil. Dear god the fabulosity! Shame they are so expensive.

  • jasandmaf says:

    Hi ladies can I ask some advice. I have combination, oily and spotty skin that I have been keeping under control until the last couple of weeks. My face has now become dry, flaky and feels really tight. I’m guessing it’s dehydrated. Any advice in miracle creams that can help sooth and moisturise my skin quickly?

    • Min says:

      I’ve just commented elsewhere on the miraculous help Clarins Lotus oil gives to oily skin. Fighting oil the usual way does dry out and distress your skin, and it gets mixed messages and oil production goes haywire. (If you feel brave enough, eould you try a little plain oil right away, to soothe? A light smear of food grade grapeseed oil for example?) • •Then march to your nearest Clarins counter and ask for a Lotus oil sample. It might fail, but there is a good chance it will change your life!
      •Whatever you decide to do just hold off all drying products like toners, foaming cleansers etc, and coax moisture back whilst giving your skin a rest from punitive treatments. A good botanical cream is really your best bet in this, though they can be pricey. If that’s an issue look at Boots Botanics and M&S Pure, a decent all rounder cream is generally around a tenner. Another option is a plant treatment cream by Helios or Nelson’s: health store staff should be able to advise which one is aporopriate (calendula, for example)
      Best wishes…’s miserable as hell when your skin’s out of whack

      • jasandmaf says:

        Hi Min, thank you so much for the advice. I’m going to pick up some lotus oil this weekend.

  • Andrea says:

    Me and balms aren’t best friends – my skin likes oils, light creams and the occasional mask. And tea tree oil. Lots of tea tree oil. Even balms you wash away feel like they leave a film on my skin and it then lets me know of its unhappiness.

    • Min says:

      I’m the opposite; I could layer on oils and creams and balms all night, I just love it all! Making up for lost time I think, all those years I could have been slathered in rose oil.
      Interesting though that you can’t overdose on botanical moisture…..if you want to massage oils etc all day long you won’t suddenly get oily skin. I guess plant stuff gets on with other plant stuff and if your skin is happy to start with,, it goes along for the ride!
      •Andrea: you don’t actually apply TT oil all over do you? Just spots here and there? Just wondering, sounds painful at least!

  • minxinparis says:

    Balm Balm rose & geranium face balm is good for face, elbows and dry bits. Doesn’t cost much which is a plus.

  • Donna says:

    I have used Egyptian magic and now using Green & Spring(got it in SpaceNK), love them for dry lips, healing cuts etc.

  • Joan says:

    I’ve been lathering on the Liz Earle Superbalm on my heels. Shamefully I had let them get incredibly dry and so they cracked up this week. Painful, deep cracks. Scuff of a Ped Egg and this amazing stuff has them on the mend!

  • Sian says:

    Anyone who likes multipurpose balms should definitely try Weleda Weather Protection Cream (it’s not a cream, it’s a balm!). Because it’s Weleda it’s all natural and stuff and and it feels and smells amazing. Great for travelling. It’s often in the baby section of pharmacys.

  • Jen says:

    I have tubes of 8hr cream everywhere, I’ve used it for years. I use it for everything, even on the kids. A few weeks ago I burnt the back of my hand really badly on the top of the oven, I left a layer of skin behind!!!! After I’d cooled the burn I applied a thick layer of 8hr cream and it never got painful. I’ve kept applying 8hr cream to it constantly since and now 3 weeks later it is barely visible. I will never be without a tube.

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