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This Valentine’s Day I’d Love To Snog The Face Off…

By Aisling | February 14 2014 | 79 Comments

He’s been in your dreams (the hot feverish fantasy kind) with that strong jaw and that moody gaze.

You’ve recorded him – or her – on the tellybox/queued for hours in the rain to get tickets for their gigs/seen all of their films/ even pretended to like sport so you could gaze at his/her arse in a tight pair of shorts.


Who would you love to lavish affection on this Valentine’s day?  Who gets your (ahem) heart throbbing?

Let us know who’s your top crush?

N.B. NO ONE is allowed to say “my boyfriend” or “my girlfriend”.  Sure he/she might be gorgeous but we don’t know them and won’t be able to share in the imaging. So only impossible crushes please!

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