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NEW! Nails Inc Launch Five New Gel Effect Shades: The Search For The Perfect Nude Nail May Be Over

By Andrea | February 17 2014 | 16 Comments

My nails and I have regular disagreements. These talon tantrums stem from my love of shellac-type long wear varnishes, but my nails are almost waving placards to tell me that they are not fans of the two week mani. They let their displeasure be known through peeling, adopting the almighty strength of tracing paper and just generally looking very sorry for themselves.

So I was delighted when Nails Inc introduced their Gel Effect polishes last year. These babies were like counselling for my digits and me. They gave the finish and shine that I loved, but were kind to the nail and didn’t reduce them to a pale and peeling mess.

Four shades were included in this initial launch; the soft grey of Porchester Square became my go-to nude polish, and I flirted with the Kensington High Street (a deep, rich burgundy).

nais inc gel range

So I was delighted to hear that Nails Inc have added five new shades to this collection for Spring ’14 (clockwise from top left):

  • Downtown – hot pink
  • Kensington Passage – bright coral
  • Mercer Street – vibrant blue
  • Mayfair Lane – pastel pink
  • Soho Place – minty aqua

And all the Gel Effect polishes leave your nails smooth and ridge-free, without the need for all that soaking palaver to remove.

pd nails inc

The stand out of the bunch for me is Mayfair Lane. I am not a fan of the French manicure but I love a clean, groomed look and this dusky pink delivers that in stylish spades. Could it be that my search for the perfect nude nail polish is finally over? Hurrah!

If you want all the gloss and none of the UV lamp, I’d recommend treating your nails to a bottle. It’s not cheap at €16.80 for 10ml, but it’s long-lasting, surprisingly chip-resistant and you nails will thank you for it.

Have you tried the original Gel Effect shades? Are you a fan of the French manicure or do you prefer a simpler, natural look? Tell us in the comments!

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