Men Are Better Than Women! Now Buy A Jumper: Hilariously Sexist Ads of Yore

By Anna | October 23 2014 | 14 Comments

There are loads of sexist ads out there. In fact, some ads are so sexist you might even end up boycotting the product forever (bye bye, Club Orange!). But even the most creepy, patronising and downright sleazy ads of today pale in comparison to ads of yore, as this collection shows.

Yes, while these days there are plenty of ads that portray women in a really sleazy way (*cough* Club Orange* cough*) or ads that show women in an old fashioned and patronising way, at least it’s no longer normal to have ads that actually say Men are better than women!”


And then go on to say that if you want to show off your, um, “climbing sweater” you don’t have to take one of those boring old “drags” up a mountain.


But being dropped off a mountain wasn’t the only bad thing that could happen to a lady in olden day ad land. No, you could also end up as a sort of freakish human-headed animal skin with a man standing on your head, purely because you’re so dazzled by his Mr Leggs slacks (yum yum) you’d literally “let him walk all over here.”


You could also end up bowing to your husband while you give him some tea while he inexplicably lies in bed wearing a snazzy tie (the ties “tell her it’s a man’s world…and make her so happy it is”. Really? REALLY?!)


Or, even more disturbingly, you could end up getting spanked by your husband for making the wrong coffee.


Or you could have a colleague wonder “is it always illegal to kill a woman?” because you didn’t want to use a fancy new franking machine. Ah, the good old days!


Obviously these days we wouldn’t see an ad that basically shows a man walloping a woman. But there are plenty of ads that manage to annoy these days. So what contemporary ones get your goat? And I know it’s a tough competition, but which of the older ads do you think is the most outrageous? Do you have any others to add to the list?

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14 Replies to "Men Are Better Than Women! Now Buy A Jumper: Hilariously Sexist Ads of Yore"

  • mwah says:

    To be honest, I’m tired of ads portraying men like fools. I could live without the Aldi ads too, the ones telling us that they have made the switch to Aldi and it’s much cheaper. Eeeeehm, haven’t most of us been shopping there for years?!

    • Em says:

      Same! Like the ad where the Dad has to cook dinner and he’s all in a flap because he cant manage to take care of his children..seriously c’mon !

      • Banjaxed says:

        Yes! And also those ads for babies and toddlers that completely exclude the father’s role in child rearing. Even washing detergent ads nearly always have mothers in them.

      • mwah says:

        Banjaxed, that’s because women are the primary grocery purchases in households.

      • Banjaxed says:

        Be that as it may, mwah, but I think it sends the message that that’s the way it should be :-( . Also, it wouldn’t be that hard to change the word “mother” to “parents” in ads targeted to families.

  • red*razors says:

    i’ve noticed some swing back to those tie ads – yorkies FOR MEN ONLY, MANLY chocolate milk, hp sauce for MANwiches… it’s really getting on my nerves.

  • Em says:

    Think we have to take them with a pinch of salt – these ads are just reflective of the era they came from really. I did really enjoy the Mammy’s reaction when I showed her the coffee one: “Jesus I should really start buying the wrong coffee more often”. Scarred!

  • witchgirl26 says:

    I think the coffee one could be a hilarious fake 50-shades poster! Other than that, they are a product of their time but yeah just a tad patronising alright. Although do think it’s funny with the tie one where it says “For men only”, like there was a massive problem with women wearing their husbands ties or something at that point!

  • Andrea says:

    I find these hilarious. Especially the spanking one. Ooooh matron.
    Mind you, it does show how damn far we’ve come in 50 years.

  • Rua says:

    It’s insane how this was acceptable. But it did give me a good laugh. In some ways I do think we’ve come a long way but in others we’re still light years behind. The ‘Irish Models’ posing with potato peels in her bikini a few weeks ago, in fact Irish models posing with any manner of crap that PR deem relevant, is still my biggest bug bear. Apart from being sexist it’s lazy PR. And yes fair enough, sexism does run both ways. It just seems to be that we get the brunt of it.

  • salsera says:

    All of these ads, and all of the surveys quoted in, are from America, which is a much more rigidly gendered society than ours.

    Are ads that portray men as dim and women as multitasking socially-skilled powerhouses any better?

    The ones that really annoy me are the northern Irish ones, ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’, where the father is really eco-friendly. Like recycling is always led by the man of the house…

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