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Just Can’t Get Over Him: I’m Stalking Him On Facebook

By Assumpta | February 18 2014 | 18 Comments

Depressed Dolly Asks:

Hi Assumpta

It's been 9 months since my ex dumped me and I'm still mad about him. We have no contact, but I think about him all the time and check his Instagram and Facebook every day. I've even creeped on his ex online.

We weren't even dating for all that long, but I've never sparked with anyone the way I did with him. It was the most intense relationship I've ever had and I can't accept that its over.

How do I get over him!?

Assumpta Says:

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It’s obvious that this relationship meant a lot to you. You wouldn’t still be hung up on him 9 months later if it didn’t. But if in all that time you’ve had no contact at all, it’s clear to me that the spark has well and truly fizzled out.

You must accept that things are over before you can move on.

  • First things first, STOP CREEPING ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE.  There is no use dwelling on the past.By focusing on this breakup you’re clinging to a sad memory, which only serves to make you feel rubbish. There are much better things to spent your time on.  Live in the now and let go of the past.
  • Try to avoid social media altogether for awhile. Get out of the technology loop and take some time for yourself.  Keep yourself as busy as possible. Meet up with friends, spend time with family, put extra effort into work or school, anything to keep yourself occupied.  Exercise will help clear your mind and get thoughts of your ex out of your head.  Go for a run, a walk or whatever works for you.  If your body is moving your mind won’t be wandering.
  • It could be time to put on the battle armour and throw yourself back out into the field. Nothing can get your mind off an old flame quite like a new one. Get some mates together and go out and have some fun. Who knows what could happen? Maybe you’ll meet the man of your dreams, or maybe not. Either way it doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t feel like you NEED to be in a relationship to be happy. The idea of another person being your ‘missing puzzle piece’ is complete crap.  There is nothing you are missing that cannot be found within yourself.
  • Focus on the good aspects of your life, and enjoy all the benefits of being a single lady.

Live, learn and let go.

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