Hollywood’s Leading Lads: Style Evolution of Chris Pratt

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We love looking at the style evolutions of Hollywood’s fabulous ladies, with ladies like Cate Blanchett leading the sartorial charge. But sometimes (ok, often) one of the gentlemen catches our eye and we watch him evolve into an even more ridiculously lovely specimen of a man. And Chris Pratt, ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor, is definitely going through a moment right now. 

It was arguably his role in Parks and Recreation that brought Pratt some mainstream success, having featured in a few different shows and movies before then, but there was something that everyone loved about the character of Andy Dwyer. Slightly pathetic and still just a good guy deep down, Pratt had us rooting for him the whole time, but we never pictured him as a leading man in an action blockbuster.

So where did it all change? A few appearances in movies here and there brought his stock up, but he made a couple of adjustments to his physique and to his style that allowed him to clean up around the edges and take on the role of Star-Lord in one of this Summer’s smash hits. And yeah, a rippling six pack helps, but even after he relaxed the diet and exercise, he was still light years away from his previous style mistakes of the past.

We will preface this by saying that it’s never fair to pull up outfits you were wearing eight years ago and point out why they look silly now (please don’t check our Facebook), but Chris Pratt really has taken his style from average guy to top of the pile, so we want to take a look at how he did it in the gallery below.

Way back in 2006, Chris was wearing loud patterns that matched his personality as the guy in the room that everyone wanted to talk to. He was fun and outgoing, but his outfits ended up doing the talking for him. Apart from wearing bright tones that didn’t quite suit his colouring, fit was also a bit of a problem for Pratt, who tended to choose loose-fitting garments that gave him the illusion of comfort.

As time moved on and we hit 2010, he had made a few better choices, but wearing a flat cap with a suit is simple a no-go for us, sorry Chris. It might have been at an event that was definitely for a good cause, but that outfit is still bad no matter what the occasion.

By 2012 however, he was beginning to make some changes, and over the top prints were replaced with a palette of colours that he knew worked for him – greys and neutral tones, although he was still opting for fits and cuts that were too big.

2014 has been Pratt’s breakout year, and not just in cinema, but also on the style front as he really gained the confidence to wear what suits him best. He’d lost some weight, sure, but that new found swagger was seen in his outfit choices. When going casual, an iconic cool and simple bomber jacket paired with a slimmer fit jean made him look like a real movie star, and by the time the premieres rolled around, he’d upped his game significantly.

He chose his suits like an expert, with shades of grey and blue doing him plenty of favours as opposed to the dark and drab outfits of before. Tailored to fit, Pratt’s physique had changed a bit (even after he’d gotten in to superhero shape he still relaxed a bit) but a good fit in a suit will accentuate your strong points rather than highlight your flaws.

There’s no doubting now is Pratt’s moment, and he’s certainly dressing the part of the leading man to match.  

 Are you a fan of Mr Andy Dwyer? What other gentlemanly style evolutions have caught your eye? Any Irish guys that upped their sartorial game recently?

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