Weekend blather

By Beautie | February 16 2013 | 44 Comments

It’s the weekend! Get yer blather on


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  • Polkadotty says:

    Morning ladies.. Anyone have any nice plans for the weekend?

  • Shygirl says:

    Morning all! How are you Polkadotty? I have no nice plans, just housework, exercising, job hunting and interview prep. I am home alone as my fella is away!

  • Andrea says:

    Morning beauts!
    Shygirl you’ve just described my weekend plans too except the job hunting as my mobile internet isn’t that great… still waiting for eircom tech to call…..
    Where is everyone?
    @Orla hope the bf got back all right
    @Evie have a fantastic time today, take your time & pamper yourself :)
    Have a great weekend beauts xox

  • EvieM says:

    Dinner and night out is cancelled…gutted. After doing a review of our finances things are going to be very tight for the rest of the month and we just can’t afford to go out. We’re still offloading the small fella on the inlaws for the night cause we need a break, even if we can’t afford to go out, at least we’ll have some time alone. Hope everyone else has a nice weekend.

  • Orla says:

    EvieM sorry to hear night out is cancelled, but a night on the couch with a movie will be nice too

    Yep Andrea he got back grand now, hes been dragging me around a model shop all morning so I’ve just managed to get my own back by dragging him round some second hand shops in search of tea cups… and I’m happy because I picked up 5 lovely ones with saucers for £5!! Off home for some lunch now :-)

  • thefrog says:

    Hello there!

    @Orla, sounds like a bargain!

    @EvieM, a nice takeaway with a lovely bottle of wine? With a good movie, and it can still be a lovely night.

    Doing a bit of DIY with my dad in the kitchen (cutting a piece of furniture in two, to be precise), then going to this opera tonight. After viewing two trailers I’m pretty sure leaving after the 2nd act won’t be too difficult. Note to self: if I don’t buy tickets in the first place because I don’t like the show, buying the bestie’s tickets because he’s away isn’t a good idea.
    At least, I’ll use this to pretend I’m all cultured and cosmopolitan (in French slang that would be Bobo…) and impress my colleagues with my exotic weekend activities. ;)

    The weather is gorgeous here by the way, hope it’s the same for you. Have a nice weekend.

  • Aisling *Aisling* says:

    Hey everyone! Have a lovely anniversary dinner tonight, going to get my hair done now in honour of the occasion!

  • Aisling *Aisling* says:

    EvieM – ooops didn’t mean to be insensitive *morto*

  • thefrog says:

    Now that Aisling mentions it…complaining about ‘having to go out to the opera’ is pretty rude too. Sorry…. *hangs head in shame*

  • Shygirl says:

    Hugs Evie M. If its any consolation I can also afford to go nowhere. I have had 2 nights out in 6 months. Its hard having no money. I am dependent on my fella financially, and its the little things I miss. I just had a coffee in town as a little treat, whereas this time last year I would of thought nothing of it. I am not a material person, but I do miss being able to but clothes, etc.

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