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Outfit under €50: brilliant choices in the Summer Sales

By Doireann | July 22 2013 | 9 Comments

Summer’s here! MAN Ireland in the sunshine is like a different country; everyone’s happy and tanned (or burned) and eating a Solero. What more could you ask really?

It IS a bit challenging on the clothing front though.

As a nation we’re used to anything from mild drizzle to torrential downpour, and everything in my wardrobe is geared towards that climate. Lucky, the shops have all added ‘Further Reductions’ banners to their big red ‘Sale’ signs. So with a bit of rooting around AMAZING bargains can be had!


Mango Trousers: Ok, I love a nice Summer dress as much as the next lady, it’s great to have something you can just grab and throw on. BUT unfortunately over the last few scorching weeks I’ve been suffering from The Worlds Sweatiest Thighs™ so a nifty pair of Summery trews are in order. Mango, you genius you, these are just what the thigh doctor ordered! They’re €14.99.


Stripy Zara Top: The easiest thing is the world would be to throw on a grey tee or a nice silky blouse with those blue trews, but sometimes lovely floaty trousers require something with more structure on top. I LOVE this bold striped top from Zara. Little sleeves, a bit of definition, but lovely and airy. It’s €16.99 and it’s going to look an absolute treat with jeans in winter too.


Forever 21 Thong Sandals: My hooves may still be a BIT on the horrible side, but I like to get them out when the opportunity presents itself. (I just ignore the gasps of disgust!) These strappy peach sandals from Forever 21 fit the bill perfectly. (I’m starting to consider coral a ‘neutral’, is that weird?) They’ll go with everything, if my legs ever tan they’ll look fantastic, and they’re a good bet while I’m still pale and interesting too! Plus at €4.99, say it with me: It’d be rude not to!


I absolutely LOVE Catrice for nail varnish, they can’t be beaten on their colours choice: they really cover every conceivable shade. And at €2.79 I’ll be investing in ‘Meet me at Coral Island’ for a nice matchy-matchy mani-pedi.


ASOS triple Spike Bracelet: I like a piece of jewelry that can kill a man at 50 paces, and I love rose gold, so this ASOS spike bracelet is right up my street. Loving that rosey tone with the blue trousers! It’s down to €4.77 in the sale. How DO they DO it?


I love Oasis jewellery, it often manages to look more expensive than it is. Case-in-point: These lovely Rose Gold Earrings! You COULD go crazy with some serious bling for this outfit, but I love these sparkly studs, plus I think they pick up nicely on the peachy tones in the shoes. They’re a princely €6, which puts us precisely 53 cents over our budget, but I think they’re worth it!

So what do you think of the Summery trouser ensemble? Will you be rocking blue trews this year?

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