Best Shapewear To Smooth Lumps And Bumps: We’ve Got You Covered!

By Jane | November 18 2013 | 47 Comments

Shapewear has come a long way from the granny girdle and the cramped corsets of yore. The ladies of Downton would choke on their tepid tea if they could see the gigantic selection of secret scaffolding that’s now on offer.

So whether you are looking for a softer option for everyday use under your jeans or a stronger version that will give you killer curves under that party dress, we’ve got you, ah, covered.

  • Bodyshapers give you all over control and a smooth line from your top to your bottom!
  • Shaping Slips are the perfect piece of shapewear to wear underneath dresses. They won’t give you any VPL and some are cupless so you can wear your own bra.
  • A waspie or a waist cincher will give you gorgeous, hourglass curves. Choose a waist controller with boning for superb support and a slimmer waist.
  • High Waisted Control Pants are perfect for slimming you in to jeans and trousers and avoiding that ‘muffin top’ look.
  • Thigh Shaping Pants not only slim your bum and tum, but also your hips and thighs too.
  • Spanx has just launched its Red Hot label. This collection is targeted towards a younger customer, allowing support for the mini and bodycon trends and is a little more reasonable on the pocket.

Good, comfortable shapewear often doesn’t come cheap. Dunnes, Penneys and M&S are on the cheaper end of the scale but some women would not be prised away from (or out of) their Spanx. And Shapewear has hit its stride with some sexier options – no more hiding in the bathroom, wriggling around like you are trying to escape from the dislocated jaws of a boa constrictor.

Our picks of smoothing undies are more suited to a feather boa than a hungry one.

Do you swear by Spanx or is do you find Penneys just as effective? Do you have a lady’s maid to tie you in or is Himself and his muscles handier for the job? Tell us in the comments!

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47 Replies to "Best Shapewear To Smooth Lumps And Bumps: We’ve Got You Covered!"

  • Kittykat says:

    I saw a girl in the pub on Saturday (she was in her 20’s) wearing a tiny lime green dress that just covered her bum. You could see her thong and bra lines through the dress and the rolls of flab over the top of her thong and under her bra strap. Such a bad look.
    I’m sorry, but I refuse to wear shape wear in any shape or form. If I can’t wear a dress without having to suck everything into place with lycra underwear, then I don’t deserve to wear it end of. Am I the only person who thinks shapewear is a cop out ? Get up off the sofa and get out and move and you’ll have the body you want in your party dress. I’m very hard on myself as you can tell lol.

    • Miss Y. says:

      Hmmm… It’s not that easy for everyone to just get up from the sofa and move around. I, for instance, get up at 6:15 to get to work and usually only come home between 7/8.30 pm. Apart from that I have a household and other obligations too. I work out in the weekends but during the week it’s just not possible. I agree that you should just buy clothes that fit, but I love to use tights that also shape my tummy/a$$ or some other shapewear especially when I want to wear an elegant dress.

    • Banjaxed says:

      Have you children? Because I know of two people who are very slim and exercise a lot (size 8/10) yet have a tummy since having kids. I remember my midwife telling me that after two kids your stomach muscles very often separate and it becomes much harder to tone the stomach.

    • OtherMary says:

      No one has to look like someone’s idea of perfect or even good. Most people don’t want to wear unflattering things but if they want to, they certainly deserve to. Simple as that. Perhaps try to be less judgemental.

    • candi says:

      if you can’t say something nice why comment? You don’t use shapewear – good for you!

      • JessB says:

        Excuse me, I am size 8 and I wear shapewear and its not a cop out, and its not easy for some people to ‘just get off the sofas’ and workout. People have families, kids, long hours in work. You sound like a slim and trim person who doesn’t wear shapewear but not everyone is like you, y’know.

      • JessB says:

        Candi not for you, for the original commentor

      • Dee Dee says:

        Total agree with you on this one. Some people are active and out there but CAN’T shift the weight. I always say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But on this occasion I will say keep it closed.

    • izo says:

      Ah here Kittykat- bras are shapewear! They have no long term impact on sagginess or anything. If you got used to walking around without one you wouldn’t want one. They are shapewear. Some are even padded!

      That girl in her 20s might not be trying to impress women with her style anyway. As someone who likes proper fabrics and coordinated colours and subtle makeup, I’m often horrified by what tacky sluttiness turns my male friends’ heads but that’s just natural sex appeal, what can you do?

      I find shapewear helpful for the flab on my hips. It doesn’t make you smaller, just smoother. For serious “sucking in” you need a boned corset. Screw that.

    • Zippity says:

      You don’t ‘deserve’ to wear it?! What a really skewed way of looking at things! That’s a pretty insulting post all round and I’m saying that as someone who’s a size ten and think whether you’re a size ten or a size 20, you should wear whatever the hell you like!

  • Kittykat says:

    Miss Y, I get where your coming from. I’ve been there in the past where I just didn’t have time to get out and exercise when my son was small, so I’m making up for it now ! I’m not passing judgement on anyone else I just refuse to give in. Thats just how I am. For me, as long as I’m able bodied and have the time, I’ll make sure I can fit into that dress without the need for shapewear. I do have a lacy pair of sucky in shorts things from M and S that I stuck on under my dress on Saturday night. They come up over my bellybuton and I could see the mark of them through my dress. In the end I wore a thong and the dress looked much smoother and nicer. Similarly I find you can see the indentation of tights where it cinches in your waist under a dress. I prefer to go bare legged, even in the depths of Winter.

  • IceQueen says:

    Is it just me or is anyone else pretty sure that most of the models who model shapewear don’t actually need to wear it?!

  • Banjaxed says:

    I have the Miraclesuit tummy cincher and it does give you a fantastic waist – although the fat tends to roll over the top so I wouldn’t recommend it for that reason. Spanx I’ve found useless, the legs are much too long and show under a knee length dress and it does roll down – no matter what they say! The best one I’ve found is from Maidenform and is similar to this one:

    I like the fact that you get better posture when wearing it. I have worn it to interviews just because I have a tendency to slouch when I get nervous (I suppose subconsciously trying to make myself invisible…) but this makes me sit up straight!

  • Rubytuesday says:

    I’ve been trying on a lot of these lately to go under a slinky dress for a wedding (thank you to my children for my kangaroo pouch); the dunnes ones were less than useless, ditto the Debenhams ones which just made me look like a very odd rectangle shape, and the local debenhams has a very poor selection of the other brands so couldn’t try on the more expensive ones before buying.

    I bought the littlewoods wear-your-own-bra one which I wore for the wedding; it was grand – cheap, smoothed me out without strangling me, but did tend to ride up if I walked around a lot.

  • Kittykat says:

    Othermary, I said if I can’t fit into something without having to be squeezed into it, I don’t feel I deserve to wear it – I didn’t apply that to anyone else. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing shapewear. I much prefer nice underwear under a nice dress. Also, I’d hate to have a Bridget Jones moment if my bf discovered scary big knickers under my clothes, lol.

    • Rubytuesday says:

      Ah Kittykat you’re being too hard on yourself, it’s only clothes!

      A lot of the time, it’s not about squeezing into a dress either, it can be more about the particular cut, line & style of the garment. Unless you’re having something custom-made, shapewear can be a necessary evil sometimes if you want to wear something that is fine on all but one or two parts of your anatomy.

  • Kat says:

    Kittykat, I really hope that you can continue to maintain your current shape, however for some of us it’s not a case of just exercising/toning up.

    I’m a perfect size 8-10, however thanks to recently developed IBS sometimes I can look 6 months pregnant with belly bloating. It’s impossible to predict when it will happen, and there’s very little I can do about it, especially if I have an event coming up for which I purchased a special outfit. Shapewear is my saviour on days like this.

    Live and let live etc.

  • Andrea says:

    The Spanx Comfy Corset has me intrigued – can it really be comfy?? I got some beautiful boned basques in Bravissimo, love the hourglass shape they give. But they are a divil to get into. I would need eyes in the back of my head and Stretch Armstrong limbs to close the thing easily.

  • Kittykat says:

    Kat, I have this problem too. I’ve Crohn’s disease. I can go out on a night out with a perfectly flat tummy and after one or two drinks / dinner etc my belly can start to bloat. I bought peppermint oil capsules in Holland and Barret at the w/e and took them after my dinner before my night out and they really worked. I had no swelling and the lacy sucky in shorts I’d stuck in my bag in case of emergency, stayed there lol. Also I’ve just given up the cigs and am working out extra hard to maintain. I’ve been doing Kill Jill and running on alternate nights and so far so good.
    Rubytuesday, I’m my own worst critic. Happy with most parts of my body except for my tum which I have to watch.

    • Makeupglitz says:

      I’ve been up off my “couch” working out like a bitch for the last year dropping over 4 stone and still need spanxs to give me that added extra smoothness to my body … Just because somebody wears spanxs doesn’t mean there sitting at home on the couch gorging on tayto and dairy milks…top celebs wear spanxs even the ones with the most perfect of body’s … If you don’t have to wear them that’s great no need to make to rest of us feel guilty for not being perfect enough to do without them !!

  • witchgirl26 says:

    I’ve never worn shapewear previously for 2 reasons – I am quite lucky in that I’m fairly petite naturally and also, due to my IBS, I can’t put pressure on my stomach like that. I can’t even wear high-waisted things for too long as they really cause a flair. That said all my friends use them & I know a few who swear by the M&S ones. I know they’ve changed a bit in the last while so I may try some this year for the Christmas party as the dress I want to wear does show vpl & I hate thongs so refuse to wear one to avoid that!

  • Kittykat says:

    Makeupandglitz, er I don’t recall saying anything about Dairymilks and Tayto !
    . I’m slim and yes I don’t think I need Spanx, but my body’s far from perfect. I never said there was anything wrong with other people wearing them – I just don’t like them. I would find them uncomfortable. And I would feel so un sexy knowing I had them on under my lovely dress. Thats just me. Everyones different.

    • candi says:

      ‘shapewear is a cop out ‘ ‘Get up off the sofa and get out and move and you’ll have the body you want in your party dress’

  • Kittykat says:

    Jays if I’d known my opinion was going to be so inflammatory, I wouldn’t have bothered lol.
    Thats how I am when it comes to my own body image and thats what I tell myself to get motivated. Sorry if it came across as being judgmental or inferring that people who don’t think like I do sit and gorge on Tayto and Dairy milks. I have to be disciplined and watch what I eat and exercise. Whatever anyone else does it up to themselves. I wouldn’t push my own expectations of myself on anyone else, but I certainly won’t apologise for thinking like I do. Lifes short.

  • ams says:

    I picked up one of those slip things in TK Maxx for 12.99 – I think I bought it a size too big as its not great for sucking in but gives me a lovely extra warm layer under dresses for work.

  • Anita says:

    I got one in Debenhams, the Maidenform range, a high waisted knickers and a long thigh length fitted slip-pretty good, so bloody good I got stuck in one in the changing room when I eventually emerged I said to the girl that I think I just worked off the extra few pounds I was trying to hide by manoeuvring out of the bloody thing-I bought it anyway coz it smooths everything out, doesnt roll down and sod it after a night out I’d sleep in it till I got my strength back in the morning to take it off. Look out for their sales, some good offers on them then.

  • sophia says:

    You should try ATIR Shapewear, Irish Owned & Produced
    I find them fantastic!

  • B says:

    Do you not want to get it off halfway through the night?They all look very uncomfortable!!

  • B says:

    Ps anyone else think that the spans simplicity one looks creepy?!

  • Jane says:

    Wow girls this has gone a totally different direction than I intended!
    We all know all the celebs wear shapewear when they need a little help so why shouldn’t we?
    The woman who sold me my first pair of spanx told me the smallest size is her best seller as most people wear them to create a smooth line under dresses and not necessarily to suck in tums.
    So what do we think of the selection?

  • Corrie says:

    I bought a slip in Dunnes to give me a smoother line under a dress but I felt soooo claustrophobic in it I had to take it off halfway through the night! I’d rather a few lumps and bumps than feeling like I was being suffocated!

  • pinkpout says:

    Im a size 10 and have a lovely roundy belly. It just wont shift no matter what I do! Ive got used to it.I used to do the Spanx craic under skinny dresses.Bought two sets in La Senza.One of the big knicker variety and one of the thong type.Now let me tell ye the thong one seriously chaffed my chuff of a night out and could only be compared to a cheese wire.As for the others you could see the track of them in everything.The toilet procedure of rolling them down was a nightmare and as for the sucking in to get them up.So I have given up on all that malarkey.Id prefer to be able to breathe and move around than feel constricted!

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