Party Dresses: Frocks You’ll Want To Rock On The Dance Floor

By Jane | November 21 2013 | 29 Comments

Brace yourselves, party season is almost upon us. And we are here with a series of posts to help you find the perfect outfit to wear to that fashionably festive party.

First up is our look at party dresses made for dancing, sleeveless frocks that will aid those aerodynamic, air guitar moves. From neutrals to colour, from feathers to sparkles, we have have some great options to get you into the party mode.

We bet that you’ll look good on the dance floor. Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984 is optional.

Which are you going to be, pretty in pink or luscious in leather? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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29 Replies to "Party Dresses: Frocks You’ll Want To Rock On The Dance Floor"

  • Eve says:

    I really REALLY love the white one from Warehouse – it looks so chic even with the sheer panels, even so probably a bit inappropriate for a work party…?

  • Danbar says:

    I have a problem…ALL the dresses this year are sleeveless…I love the look but hate my ham arms!

  • milli says:

    i like the dunnes dresses, does that make me old ??

  • Andrea says:

    I want the dusky pink Warehouse one STAT.

    • Rebelette says:

      That’s the only one I like! Though it doesn’t look very wintery….do you think it could be worn with tights?!!

      • Andrea says:

        Oh yeah! We could darken the look with tights and black heels, teamed with either a deep berry lip or a statement black necklace. Gawjus.

  • Chloe says:

    I really want a dress with feathers.. God knows why, maybe i like the idea of being an ostrich.

  • Sandy Beach says:

    Love the white one with the panels.
    I was all set to purchase yet another black satin dress in Next with a T bar and then said to myself “you have a black satin dress with a low back hanging in the wardrobe”. €55 saved. But sure if it turns up in the sale I’ll buy it anyway!

  • EvieM says:

    I like the Mango one on page 8, I was eyeing it up online, the back of it is lovely too. Also like the Jenny Packham one but yikes, the price.

  • Kittykat says:

    I love the black one from Savida in the first bunch.
    I have a black leather dress from River Island that I bought last year – I may just wear it out on Saturday night.
    Thing is girls I still prefer to go bare legged on a night out even in the winter. Unless I’m wearing shoe boots, I find heels refuxe to stay on my feet when I’m wearing tights – they keep slipping off when I’m walking. I’d sooner freeze than fall out of my shoes, heh heh.

    • IceQueen says:

      I feel the same KK. Prefer to go bare-legged if wearing a dress on a night out unless I am wearing boots where I don’t tend to fall out of the heel!

  • Carrie says:

    If that white one with black lace is in Penney’s on Mary’s Street this evening, it will be mine! Black tights and heels and done!

  • salsa says:

    I wore tights out last weekend. Won’t be happening again. I sweated in every pub! My friend said it was the nylon. I’m quick to hop into a taxi anyway so no feeling cold.

    By the way…has anyone been put off by the zara website lately? Those models are so skinny and sad looking

    • Chloe says:

      Salsa I went onto their website & not ONE thing appealed to me, purely coz the models all looked miserable!

      • salsa says:

        I know they’re slim on asos but at least the girls look happy on it.

        Zara is gone very arty too..sure they all look like they’re walking off somewhere. I never buy clothes off the site. It would be impossible to tell what the clothes would look like on me!

  • cazmalt says:

    I am going to a wedding in December and no fancy dresses I own currently fit me :( (too much cake, no enough running)
    i found it really difficult to get a dress that wasn’t a very high neck, or if it had a bit of a lower neck it was really short! i must be turning into an old lady!
    Found this last sat which will do…

    • Áine says:

      That’s really nice Cazmalt, haven’t looked in Awear for a long time as I find their sizing and the shape of the clothes a bit weird

  • Louisey says:

    I want the River Island Green one but with two the same straps, and floor length.. so not the River Island one really, just a similar one in that shade of green.

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