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Dublin (House)Wives: what the hell was going on?

By Aisling | January 30 2013 | 27 Comments

Ladies and gentlemen it is time.  We can resist the pressure no longer.  “You  have to talk about Dublin Housewives” people tell us almost daily.

(The name was changed to plain old Dublin Wives after NBC in the States who developed the Real Housewives of Orange County complained that TV3 had lifted the name).

According to the blurb for Dublin Wives “Virginia Macari, Roz Flanagan, Lisa Murphy, Jo Jordan and Danielle Meagher* are living the dream with handsome husbands, beautiful children, immaculate homes and a fabulous wardrobe. We get a glimpse into their lives as they shop and lunch their days away before spending their evenings sipping cocktails.”

(*AKA Dr Botox who everyone hated and fell out with and who accused the others of bullying her and they all said they would never “work” together again. See clip below – they really DO hate one another.)

Could this have been the worst programme ever made asked the entire population of Ireland?  Was there simply too much botox and orange tan involved to ever take it seriously?

We tried to watch a couple of times when it was on this month but couldn’t – it was so bad.  Last year we gave it a full and proper review, but it seems to have degenerated further this time round, becoming one big product promotion for businesses both established and in the planning.

In short: were these women for real?  Did you watch it when it was on?  And will you be rushing out to buy their makeup line “which will be like Mac, but not like Mac, it will be cheaper and for all ages”.

Watch this space!  We can’t wait to have a go of it.


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