Bras and er PANTIES: 30% off La Senza Sale

By Aisling | July 22 2013 | 27 Comments

Oh panties.  Probably the most loathed word in the lexicon of women everywhere.  I shuddered as this word entered the aul inbox, but it’s what La Senza insist on calling knickers, so there you go.

These offers expire July 30 so if you wantses get going now.


OFFER: 30% Off Selected Bras

OFFER: Cotton Bras – 2 for £25

OFFER:  Cotton Panties (blurgh) – 3 for £12

OFFER: Sexy Sale Panties (double blurgh, but still an ace offer) – 5 for £15

N.B. Eagle eyed Freckles has pointed out that this incarnation of La Senza do not currently ship to ROI.  Sorry folks… But UK and US readers, the offer is good for you.

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27 Replies to "Bras and er PANTIES: 30% off La Senza Sale"

  • red*razors says:

    i used to work for them. i went into the nothing-to-do-with-the-old-company shops when i was in england in june. HIDEOUS! it was like tack city. a little bit of me died :) because la senza always did lovely stuff.

    boux avenue is like la senza mark 2, i finally got an exact copy of the bra style i used live in. i lost back and cup size when i lost weight and i am missing the drip-feed of underwear i was used to having. i’m looking forward to parcel-motelling it up soon!

    • Aisling says:

      Well panties is a red flag for the difference – their marketing has certainly changed!

      • red*razors says:

        yeah, i felt old and out of place in the shop! it was all neon and padded bras, made me think teenagers/young adults :/

        i hate the word panties.

  • Bellac says:

    Love the word panties :) Way nicer than knickers which I hate!

  • gracieg says:

    Oh how I miss La Senza, best bras ever!

    I had 1 particular bra in 3 different colours I loved it so much. Great fit, comfortable, DD cups, reasonably priced – boo hoo I miss them!

    Will defo try out Boux Avenue Red Razors, thanks for the tip!

    • red*razors says:

      i said i’d have a look cos theo paphitis owns it and he made la senza really good. figured it was worth a gamble, hoped he’d use same manufacturers and suppliers etc :) they don’t deliver to ireland but parcel motel should fix that!

  • GlamourNazi says:

    I miss La Senza so much. They always did nice undies for bigger boobed ladies like myself, not the awful matronly types that can be found elsewhere – if I DO find my size, that is.
    I never thought to look them up online since they left Ireland though!

    • Cait says:

      Totally agree – about the only place you could get nice bras for bigger boobs. I was totally bereft when they left. Anne Summers have some nice bras too sometimes though. Anywhere else and it’s granny bras.

    • Kitty says:

      Same here, I miss them so much! I’ve actually only bought 2 bras since they closed up in Ireland, as it’s such a pain finding decent bras in big boob sizes, whereas in La Senza I knew what would fit and it was all so easy. Sob! Come back!

  • mummypupper says:

    Why can’t they call panties what my little one calls them……nik naks….now that’s a great name!!

  • Aifs says:

    I had a Victoria’s Secret splurge yesterday. I went in for one thing that I NEEDED…a nude colour strapless bra….and left with 3…and 3 panties…dammit.

  • Macloon says:

    yuk. never liked La Senza. I always thought they were overpriced and badly made “fashion” bras.

    arnotts or Debenhams has a much better selection. For large boobed ladies try Freya, Fantasie, Chantelle & Lejaby. Can’t go wrong

  • Praxis says:

    The postman deliver a lovely box of bras and er panties from Bravissimo today, great for the big bosomed and they always have a good sale.

  • Abfab89 says:

    Anyone know how long the sale is on for?

  • BD says:

    I use the word panties.Hate the word knickers,its so vulgar! Hmmmm not a big fan of La Senza,not the greatest of quality for the money you pay.Like the gals said above,seems to be a real teenager brand now.

  • Freckles says:

    Do they ship to the ROI? I can’t find any sign that they do on the site ladies?

    • Aisling says:

      You are right! Because the old one did I presumed this did too flamin nora. Good for UK readers but Irishers will have to Parcel Motel.
      Still at least we got a laugh out of it!

  • Aisling says:

    God I’ve just remembered Georgie Burgess in The Snapper giving Sharon back her panties

  • Gillian says:

    You could use Parcel Motel… and have them shipped to the Belfast address!

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