Blather: Tuesday

By Beautie | February 5 2013 | 135 Comments

Good morning you gorgeous Beaut.ies! Tell us what you’re up to today in our purr-fect Tuesday blather.


135 Replies to " Blather: Tuesday"

  • thefrog says:

    Hello there!

    Miserable weather out there. I forgot to check the weather forecast so don’t have waterproof mascara on (even though it would have been the perfect occasion to try the Chanel one I got yesterday. Well, rainy days are not in short supply anyway).
    Feeling a bit better than yesterday, got some sleep.

    @EvieM, I’m not very fond of green tea too, but when I want to reduce my consumption of black tea, I switch to nice herbal teas. Do you know the Yogi Tea brand? I think they’re available in health shop or organic ones. They have silly names like ‘heart warming’ (very nice), ‘happiness’ or such thing but they’re very good. They also have a ‘choco’ one which smells like hot chocolate but is still herbal tea (=0 cal).
    I need to go back to dieting too but what with being sick half of January and gloomy the rest of the time I wasn’t exactly motivated. Scales said 69kg this morning, that’s 3 over the limit, so I have to do something about it ASAP!

    Anyway, have a nice day!

  • Betty12 says:

    Good morning!!! Snowday for me here in North Co Dublin! Hurrah! Finally a day in bed thrawling over the net ( for one to catch up on some articles) & tv :). Got up earlier to allow time to battle the roads but the bro in law turned back so i didnt attempt..texted boss & jumped back in bed…yum :)

  • Buttons says:

    Morning all,

    No snow in town this morning, but plenty of cars passed me by covered in the white stuff.

    Betty, well jel of your snow day. Could do with one of those myself.

  • Buttons says:

    BP no, I have a ball in a few weeks, and then wedding in April. Just very organised for once :)

  • thefrog says:

    @BP, how were the fajitas? (Yes, I know I was talking about dieting not 30min ago)
    I’m getting expensive tastes with you lot. YSL, Chanel, what next I ask you? ;)

    @Buttons: yes, we want to know everything about the red dress!

  • says:

    Morning ladies, was snowing in Newbridge this mornig but not a screed in town!! Diet smiet, I want to eat loads of croissants and Philadelphia!!

    BP ypu poor pet are you ok??? Betty I’d love a snow day, enjoy!!

  • says:

    Just started snowing in town!!!

  • EvieM says:

    Bobbypins, that sounds yum and i have most of the ingredients. I suppose if I used a wholemeal wrap, skipped the cheese & sour cream and made home made salsa it wouldn’t be too bad healthwise. Porridge (first time I’ve had it since i was a kid) with blueberries and maple syrup this morning for breakfast and the one lone cup of coffee with sugar and milk that I’m allowing myself per day, it’s manky green tea all the way otherwise…blurrrrgghhhhhh.

  • thefrog says:

    @EvieM, I know it’s very un-Irish, almost as bad as a dinner without potatoes, but if you really dislike green tea, you can find perfumed black teas that don’t require milk. Twinnings has loads of these, with lemon or berries flavouring. They’re not bad. Or some Russian earl grey with citrus?

  • EvieM says:

    The Frog, I love Earl Grey but it has to have milk, I couldn’t drink tea black. I’ll suffer it out for a few weeks and see if it makes any difference. It’s just that I drink alot of tea and coffee which equals alot of milk and sugar so dropping those for a while will make a big difference to the calorie content. Thanks though, ye’re all very good with ye’re recipes and tips. I’d bake ye a cake but then I’d only eat some =D

  • LoCo says:

    Morning ladies,

    Good cover of snow in Kildare was so disappointed when the bus turned up I was really hoping for a snow day. :( Had plans for catching up on Breaking Bad and Grey’s Anatomy in my pjs and duvet. Traffic was pretty bad too on the N7, took nearly twice as long to get in.
    Betty12-I’m so jealous enjoy.

    BP- You alright?? Deep breathes , and mantra “I’m am OK therefore I’ll be OK” slowly repeat x 20. That fajita mix sounds amazing. I’m so hungry better go make some porridge.

    TheFrog- hope you like the Chanel, how are doing today? How’s your grandfather??

    EvieM -I buy flavoured green tea by Twinnings, there is apple and pear, orange and lotus flower,cranberry, citrus they are lovely don’t have that nasty green tea taste. I think they do a green tea selection so you get a couple of bags of each.

  • Buttons says:

    Thefrog you will hear all about the red dress…but it’s a little while away yet :) The next thing is finding the right underwear to go with it…Penneys at the weekend.

    On the boy that the dress is there to impress; he has expressed an interest, shall we say, to a friend. This makes me happy :)

  • Betty12 says:

    Thanks y’all not to rub it in but Im setting all the tv program reminders for the day! As i wont get paid anyway i may as well enjoy. Speaking of diets, the day at home wont help me on that front though.
    @EvieM I didnt like green tea when i started on it over a year ago now & now I have to have it in the morn. U can get some lemon flavored too. But like that Im trying to get myself off canderel. Soo hard as normal sugar isnt as sweet (& kinda bad) so now just trying to go w/out too. It’s hard as coffee is my daily saviour (or one of!!)

  • IceQueen says:

    Morning ladies!

    I’ve never been on the Blather before so just wanted to pop in and say hi. Wont disturb, eveeryone seems to know each other already.

  • Gossipgal says:

    +1 on Earl Grey with Milk.
    Snow here too. Back to bed till lunch to catch up on reading

  • Orla says:

    Morning :) Everyone sound quite cheerful this morning, feeling better today myself, went to bed early and slept well for once! :) It prob helps that today’s my mid-week as tomorrow’s my friday lol! :)

    Does anyone know about that lacto free milk stuff? Does it taste like real milk? Am going to try it and see if it helps my dodgy tum as was in an awful state last night and I’m thinking it’s because of the milk I had in my porridge! :(

  • says:

    welcome to the madness ice queen :)

  • Betty12 says:

    Mornin Ice Queen…i usually read more than I get to comment to be honest…getting more & more into it though. The other gals seem to know each other more but we can all chirp in…so welcome get blathering :)

  • EvieM says:

    Welcome IceQueen, lovely to meet you. You won’t be long getting to know everyone, we’re all a bag of nutters.

    Bobbypins, deep breaths sweetheart, you’re doing great.

    Cheers Loco, I’ll have a look for the selection pack.

    Betty, have you tried Stevia? I used to use Splenda but it’s not cheap, recently bought the Tesco Stevia and it isn’t very sweet at all, I ended up switching back to sugar as I had to add so much of it to my coffee to taste any sweetness. It might be worth a try to wean yourself off the canderel?

  • LoCo says:

    welcome ice queen, join the party. Hot whiskies all around this freezing morning. forget the green tea!!!

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