Blather: Tuesday

By Beautie | January 22 2013 | 60 Comments

Tuesday means it’s no longer Monday, yay! Blather it out.


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  • Bobby Pins says:

    Morning boooooooties!
    I am making lamb burgers and watching the sharapova game :)
    Thefrog, feeling better? Big coffee for you this morning, you’ll be outta there in 3 months whooooo hooooo!!!

  • says:

    Morning lovlies :) its spook cold,-3 when I left the teach at 6.20am, tá sé an a fhuair!!!! Brrrr!!!
    Gonna go to the bank about a car loan today, scared they will say no and ill be commuting ten hours a day forever!! Any tips on how to make myself a more desirable client?? Beth you can keep your dirty suggestions to yourself!!

  • thefrog says:

    Hello there!

    Feeling a bit better (or at least calmer), thanks BP. Put a lot of cream on my arms to try and calm the redness, but they still look like I’ve been locked in a cage with very angry cats. Counting the days now till the 29/04, and also till the holidays in Istanbul (3 weeks).

    Still snowing today. I’ve dropped all pretence at wearing work clothes. I’m wearing a pair of jeans tucked in my rubber boots (great idea I had to ask for a pair for Xmas), no more skirts and changing shoes once at work!

    Have a nice day. BP, enjoy the burgers and the tennis. Burgers seem to belong to another planet, the weather here calls for tartiflette….

  • thefrog says:

    @Có: have a plan ready with the type of car you’d like, the price, and how much you can afford to pay every months for the loan. That will show them that you’re serious and can be trusted. Good luck.

  • Bobby Pins says:

    Tartiflette, tartiflette miam miam miam :)
    Có, don’t pressure yourself, look switched on and I have fingers crossed for you!

  • says:

    Thanks ladies, ill draw up a plan in work when I get in!!

  • mummypupper says:

    Morning girlies

    Co,good luck,and remember,you’re giving them your business,don’t feel intimidated,there’s plenty more lenders out there.

    Bp,good to hear you sounding chipper and here’s another reason to feel bright.When you come home,we won’t be loosing you after an hour of blathering!!!

    The frog,I just read your comments from yesterday,hope you’re feeling alright.I don’t care what remark you passed or what your people skills are,there’s no excuse for her reaction.For a lady that’s not very competent at doing her job,she has no trouble being an absolute biatch to you.She could have made her point in a reasonable calm manner,there was no need to have such a go at you.Sorry to bring it all up again,you’ve probably moved on from it by now but I didn’t want you being so hard on yourself just because you passed a careless remark.We’ve all done that,her reaction was out of proportion and I hope she apologises today.

    Well,it had to happen,pupperette now has the bug,I was woken by the sound of puking.Am lying here between the two of them,it’s a bit squashy to say the least.At least himself working from home today in case I need to do something urgent,like go to the loo or eat.Gonna be a looooong day,yes siree,a long un!!

  • EvieM says:

    Best of luck Co.

    The Frog, what’s a tartiflette? I’m holding you responsible for the head on me this morning, I dug into a bottle of wine in sympathy last night, (not at all because the small man’s whinging and whining had driven me to it) I had a good sized glass and a half, and was a little tipsy. Feeling a bit “off” this morning. I’d muffle himself up and send him out the back to play only I’m afraid he’ll lamp himself off something slipping over in the remnants of yesterdays snow.

    Bobbypins, good to hear from you. How’re you feeling pet? You sound cheery enough, I hope things are starting to look up for you.

  • EvieM says:

    Ooh Mummypupper that sucks, poor pupperettes. Hope everyones feeling better soon and….Rather you that me, ba ha haha….sorry couldn’t help myself.

  • thefrog says:

    @mummypupper: thanks for your comments. A lot.
    Sorry for pupperette, poor thing. And it’s so exhausting this vomiting bug. Take care of yourself and of your little ones. A lot of TV for the 3 of you!

    @EvieM: tartiflette is one of those caloric bomb we have in France. Potatoes, lardons and onions, with a whole Reblochon cheese made to melt over it. Serve with salad to pretend you’re having a healthy meal. Oh, and don’t forget the white wine! (Maybe you can skip the wine in your case. I did sleep very well, but I had chouchen – mead – so maybe it’s not as bad for the hea as normal wine?)

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