Blather: Monday

By Aisling | February 11 2013 | 60 Comments

Just another Manic Monday?  Let’s blather to cheer ourselves up!


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  • Therese says:

    Morning lovelies! I’ll be home in Kilkenny next week for a fortnight and am planning a days hard shopping with the mammy and sisters. Any recs on the best place to go? We’re thinking either Cork (cant recall the name of the shopping centre) or Dundrum but any suggestions welcome! Hoping to get to Dorothy Perkins, Gap, M & S, New Look, Boots, Next etc.

    Thanks and have a lovely Monday! X

  • says:

    Zzzzz…. Do Monday’s ever get easier!! I’d lovea tuesday to Sat week!!!

    Therese dundrum should cover all that and its nice there too!!

    I’m starvin, bp are they croissants I can smell?

  • EvieM says:

    Therese, if you’re going to Cork bypass the shopping centre and go straight to Opera Lane, it’s a pedestrian street off Patrick Street and it has all the shops you’ve mentioned and more. A 3 storey Topshop, Huge H & M, Next etc. Plus you have Patrick Street itself and for some nice food etc, you have the English Market, there are also some lovely restaurants in the surrounding streets. Market Place is a beautiful restaurant and quite reasonable. Lovely day out, enjoy yourself.

    Co, I think you meant Tuesday to Friday, there’s no way you’re taking Saturday from us.

  • Beth TV says:

    Morning all, hows folks?

    Guess it’s my shift on the bar this morning, who’s having what today as I boil a kettle, shake the teabox and lash some bread into the toaster? :)

  • Andrea says:

    Goooooooood moooooooooooorning!!!!
    How are the beauts? Had ye nice weekends?

    I must say i thoroughly enjoyed mine. EvieM you are a genius I bow to you and never doubt your culinary recommendations ever again. Waffles&bacon&maple syrup? YUM
    Bright eyed and bushy tailed today and I haven’t even had coffee!! :) Wishing everybody a fantastic week xxx

  • EvieM says:

    Jeez Andrea, you’re fierce chirpy this morning. I am not, I am grumpy, I have a grumpy child and a grumpy husband….it’s a very grumpy household this morning. I’m hoping the postie will come soon with something pretty to cheer me up. Glad you enjoyed the breakfast, I’m back on porridge after my popcorn and pick n mix binge on Saturday night.

  • mummypupper says:

    Good morning everyone

    Didn’t the weekend just fly!!

    It was my small boys birthday yesterday but we couldn’t have a party because pupperette was performing in Scor,dancing a “routine”that she devised and choreographed herself.God love her she hadn’t a hope of winning but we still had a few tears.She’s already planning her turn for next year…..proud mother!!!

    Tonight we have her First Confession ceremony,the two sins are ready to roll,not wanting to give too much away but they mostly involve physical violence towards her brother.Then home and a party for the small boy.I made an oreo cheesecake yesterday,it is divine,does anyone want a slice?

    Co,I survived the lesson,bloody hell the music room was tiny and smelled very musty,not an ideal combo,but I survived thanks for thinking of me.

    Orna,so glad you had a good time…..I told you so!!!

    Off now to clean the house,theres two nanas coming here later on you know!!!

  • says:

    Where is everyobe its very quiet!!!

  • Louise29 says:

    Hi Ladies,

    Glad to hear you all had a lovely weekends! Mine was ok – bit of DIY on saturday and then a few drinks oout (that turned into going to bed at 6 in the morning). Im feeling down today now – is it just me or does everyone get the post alcohol downer…. Just feel like i’m too old to be out boozing and acting the ejit….

    Well happy monday all – cant wait to be back on the couch tonight with the duvet and Eastenders :)

  • Beth TV says:

    I’m here, Co. Hows the head? :)

  • says:

    Oh louise meet your sister, im very paranoid all day yday and today!!

    Beth the head is ok, the body is sore, and im a hoarse woman today!! I did make an awful mess of myself!!

    What did u do?? Up to all hours I hope?? ;)

    Evie M you sold cork to me for shopping btw, must give it a visit!

    Mummypupper pass over a slice of the cake the wee man wont mind!! :) and how cute for the confession, mine were always for hitting my brother!!

  • Orna says:

    Haha, thanks Mummypupper!! Was shocked that I managed such a big (and long) social occasion without panicking, feeling like I’m almost back to my old self. It’s all about the ups and downs though I suppose.
    Now I need a swift kick in the you know where to get out of bed and study… Exams in a week!!

  • Louise29 says:

    It’s such a horrible feeling Co – why do we do it to ourselves. I’m giving it up for lent i think…..

  • witchgirl26 says:

    Morning all! Tired! Was out on both Friday and Saturday nights. Not used to that kinda thing anymore & just want to sleepy. Ah well. Had a laugh on both nights so can’t complain really. Why must it be so cold & rainy on a Monday morning though? It doesn’t help things!

  • Orla says:

    Oh please someone turn back the clocks and make it last wed/thurs again. BF’s best mates mam passed away yesterday morning and we only found out around 9pm yesterday. He seemed ok last night and went to work this morning, but just called me in tears.. it’s only just hitting him now – he grew up practically living at this womans house and he’s very close to his mate so it’s really sad :( I’m trying to get him booked on the ferry (his passport’s out of date) so that he can go home, but all I want to do is get out of work and take him home myself.. the poor fecker :( I’m in an awful state.. don’t know what to do with him.

    On top of that a colleague (and B****) at work emailed me late wed evening (after I’d left for the week!) and asked me to do something. I replied this morning to say I’d do it first thing tomorrow so she replied AND COPIED MY BOSSES BOSS saying it was urgent and she didn’t get my out of office until Thursday. I know he won’t even read the message, but I’m so bloody angry!!

  • *Aisling* says:

    I lost my mobile on Saturday night – I’ve lost all my contacts, pics, apps…
    Still holding out hope that one place I was in might have it but if they don’t I”m Donald Ducked

  • Morning all,
    I attempted to try jogging on my walk yesterday and now I’m limping, I’d a weak ankle years ago! I think attempting to jog on it has proven i didn’t strenghten it up properly the last time :( BOO
    I didn’t sleep a wink last night! Sunday night sleep is always the worst!

    My good news is that I got Beyonce tickets! They sold out so quickly! I thought I wouldnt have a hope!

    mummypupper yes please to the oreo cheesecake.. sounds amazing :) Hot tea and cake sounds like just what I need this morning

    So happy thoughts :):)

  • mummypupper says:

    Orla,that kind of crap makes my blood boil!!!Why are people so feckin petty and disgruntled in themselves???Don’t let it get to you,do your job and ignore her.The older I get the more I realise just how many disgruntled people there are in the world,and worse still,they breed disgruntled children,I see it in my childrens circle of friends.Some of the children,regardless of family circumstance,affluence etc.,are never happier than when they’re making someone elses life miserable,giving little digs and insulting others,then you meet the parent and it all fits.By all means be miserable and hate that others seem content,but keep it to yourselves……and breathe…..breathe

    Thats sad news about the bf’s friends mother.It’s very difficult when people from your childhood pass away,all you can do is support him as best you can

  • EvieM says:

    Mummypupper, that sounds like a lovely few days. That cheesecake sounds yum, can we have the recipe please?

    Orla, what a wagon, feck her and all belong to her, may all her children be born blind and walk around bumping into one another!!! Gah, still grumpy and the postie did not bring me anything nice, the fecker.

  • Elimare says:


    Not a fan of Monday (who is?) but it’s just the 10 mins it takes to drag myself out of bed thats the worst. Went to a friends little brothers 30th b-day on Friday. Felt old for the rest of the weekend. :)

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