Blather: Friday

By Beautie | January 18 2013 | 60 Comments

Get that Friday feeling with a blather!


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  • Bobby Pins says:

    Good morning fluffies!! Happy Friday to you!
    It’s 46 degrees. I melt. My face resembles a puddle.
    I am just opening a bottle of Chablis to cool me down….slurp…..

  • thefrog says:

    Good Morning!

    It’s Friday, we’ve made it!

    @BP: it’s -7° here, I’m freezing, my ears are red (left the bonnet in Paris, I had a lovely beret here but I washed it and it shrank so no longer cover my ears), I’m clutching my thermos of tea as if it were some precious life-giving elixir (actually….that’s the definition of tea, right?).
    So between you and me, the average temperature of the blather is 19,5°C. Perfect.
    While you’re having your Chablis, can you make me a hot chocolate with Baileys? Thanks.

    I have a meeting all morning and since the room is always cold and the coffee always bad, I’ll make some tea before I go there, to have proper supplies.

    Went home walking through a park yesterday. It’s was like Narnia, everything was white, there was no light except that of the lamppost. I saw no faun, and no Turkish delights giving white lady though.

    Anything nice planned for the weekend?
    I’m seeing down friends tomorrow, then I’ll pop into body shop for the sales (I’ve made a list and I will stick to it. I’ve decided to stop the shopping extravaganza. Yes, that means I had a look at my credit card and decided that I had been a naughty girl), then it’s family dinner and on Sumday I’ll stay home and watch/listen on radio the rugby.

    End of the short story.

    Have a nice day!

  • Ciara C says:

    Morning bobbypins an thefrog, its been raining most of last night here and its only 5 degrees. Im sick again :( happy weekend everyone :)

  • Orna says:

    Morning all. Have a big exam today and also will be finding out the results of my last module so in need of positive vibes!!

    On a lighter note, was in a car yesterday with a man who wore driving gloves. As in specific leather gloves that he slipped on for the driving process. Granted he was driving a brand new Audi but I thought id have to get out with the fear of laughing! Is this common?? Maybe I should get a pair for the yaris….

  • Ciara C says:

    Goodluck with the exam orna. Never seen anyone with driving gloves although probably should buy my dad a pair he screams like a girl if the steering wheel is cold lol

  • Buttons says:

    Morning Girls, the happiest of Fridays to you all!

    BP I hate you a teensy bit right now. My fingers are so stiff with cold that its really hard to type.

    Usually I walk to work but with THAT slety rainy windy freezing weather there was no way so I checked “realtime” on the Dublin Bus app and a bus was leaving in 6 minutes. Perfect timing…only it still said 6 minutes 15 mins later, and ended up taking 30 minutes to arrive. By which time I was freezing and soaked :(

    On a bright side, I was late and will try sneak out a bit early, which makes my day extra short :)

    Going to see Les Mis tonight with my wonderful girlfriends, with chicken wings first (my fave). Very excited for the Leinster v Cheifs match tomorrow…fingers crossed Leinster can do it!

  • Shygirl says:

    Good luck with the exam. Positive vibes winging your way.

    Drizzly here today. Hope it clears up. I want to get out for my stroll. Its gas, I’ve actually been really busy. Its time consuming looking for a job! I went to sign on yesterday, I met the rudest prick in there. Looking back on it now I’m sorry I didn’t complain. There was complaint forms in there, I shudda said something.

  • says:

    good morning ladies, jaysus i got intermitedly soaked this morning between car to train, train to luas, luas to bus, bus to office!!! Still feeling bright though, friday friday gotta get down on friday :)

    Making the alfredo tonight, nom nom nom well i hope!!! Bringing my ma to kilashee spa on sunday for her bday canny wait, little treat to myself too :) sure why not!!!

    Orna you will fly it, good luck!!!

    Bobbypins… grrrr!!!! that is all!!!

  • Shygirl, I totally would complain about that. There is no excuse for rudeness. If you were polite to him then there is no reason in the world he should not have been courteous back.

    From time to time we all leave Government offices frustrated because the person couldn’t help us – sometimes they simply can’t help, they need a particular form or a manager to sign off or something. So that does happen – but even then they should be polite and good mannered.

    Just blatant rudeness for no reason gets my goat. Particularly in a social welfare office where people are feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable, to be confronted by rudeness and prickishness is not on.

  • Shygirl says:

    Yea Karen your having a bad enough day as it is. I have to go back on Monday, I might write a comment then.

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