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IT’S BACK! Boots Star Gift will be revealed at ONE MINUTE PAST MIDNIGHT Tonight!

By Beautie | November 14 2013 | 12 Comments

Well holy moly, who is this riding back into town on their stylish horse? Is it The Lone Ranger? Is it The Milkybar Kid?

Nope, it’s even better! It’s the wonderful Boots ‘Star Gift’, back to shower the inhabitants of Beautland with some love and some gifts.

We’re delighted to say that we will be counting down to tinsel time with the fabulous Boots ‘Star Gift’ offers, so keep an eye out each week for a new deal – at one minute past midnight we’ll be first with the news on!


We’ll kick proceedings off tonight at exactly one minute past the witching hour, when we’ll have the lowdown on next week’s Boots Star Gift.

Plus of course your chance to WIN! one of these gifts for your very own self.  So set your alarms and get ready!

P.S. No spoilers on the comments please. ‘Tis a festive surprise.

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12 Replies to "IT’S BACK! Boots Star Gift will be revealed at ONE MINUTE PAST MIDNIGHT Tonight!"

  • Trust me, I feel very silly having to ask this but… what exactly is the Star Gift? A deal every week up to Christmas, or…?

    • One gift gets marked down to half price or so for a week.

      • Cool, thank you. :)

    • Hi Sharon K,
      It’s a better than half price mark down :) If you are interested in the gift, it’s a really great saving!

      • There’s some of them great alright. Especially the really good one closest to Christmas…

      • Brilliant, thanks for that Andrea. I’ll have to keep an eye out so!

  • We’ve been having the star gifts in England since the beginning of October I think? None of them have been very exciting though, hoping this is going to be fcuk or gok this week!!

  • Yeah I love the Boots Star gift, will be running to Boots in the morning when I finish night work.

  • Erm… the star gifts have been happening for the last 3 weeks that I know of! This week I think is champneys. Last week was a ted Baker set.

    • Yeah, thought I saw the Ted Baker set last week!

    • Yep there have been a few on the shelves but from tonight, will be exclusively revealing the offer for the coming week and giving away the Star Gift as a prize to one lucky reader! Every Thursday night at a minute past midnight, our little elves will be pulling back the curtain to see what Star Gift lies behind it. Assuming their little shoes don’t trip them up.

      • Oooh

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