Win! Twitter phenomenon Irish 50 Shades of Grey with your central casting suggestion!

By Aisling | November 15 2012 | 37 Comments

We’ve seen how powerful Twitter can be – and never more so than in light of the events that unfolded yesterday – but it took its power to a whole new level when the Irish decided to deliver their own take on the E.L. James lady porn phenomenon.  On Twitter.  In 140 characters.

We have laughed loud and hard at the 50 Shades of Grey books and you can read some of our er thoughts here and here.  But it was the Twitter stream that absolutely had the whole nation in convulsions of mirth.  The books are bloody ridiculous and the Twitter stream took the piss royally and in an absolutely Irish fashion – it was brilliant.

Paul Duggan  has edited down the whole stream (no easy task, there were thousands of tweets) and selected the best and funniest 500 for what promises to be one of THE most popular stocking stuffers (get yer mind outta the gutter) this Christmas.

The profits of the book will go solely to charity and here’s where Paul needs our assistance.  He needs help to decide on the charity – and we can help him to pick it through voting.  He says that “given that the tweets were crowd-sourced, we thought it might be nice to crowd-source a charity. We picked a wide range of charities from different sectors to vote for and you can vote for the charity of your choice or pick another here

So if you’ve fancied setting up your own sex dungeon as a result of reading the books then you must have had some fantasies on who you’d like to play Christian.  An Irish Christian.  We’ve no shortage of filthy gorgeous Irish actors who’d you just KNOW would be up to the task at hand. But it doesn’t have to be an actor.  It can be any Irish man – from any walk of life.  We have had a few steamy thoughts on this one already…

HOW TO ENTER: Head on over to Paul’s list of charities, select the one that you’d most like the profits of the books to go to and then come back over and nominate your Irish Christian on the comments.  We’ll have a few books to give away to reward you for taking part in this difficult and arduous challenge (winners will be selected at random from the comments).

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37 Replies to "Win! Twitter phenomenon Irish 50 Shades of Grey with your central casting suggestion!"

  • Aine says:

    Defintely Fassbender, no contest!

  • Aisling *Aisling* says:

    I’m not entering of course – but I HAVE to give my thoughts on this important task! Two of the cast of Love/Hate get my vote (guess which ones) and JRM is still hands down the sexiest Irish man ever, and I would guess he’d be filthy enough to fulfill ANY of Christians er duties!

  • Sinead Waugh says:

    Has to be Liam Neeson…he’s got that whole commanding thing down x

  • Aoife says:

    Got to be the Fassbender. Hands down.

  • Grá says:

    Colin Farrel, I love him in “In Bruges” his typical irishness in that movie kills me. Ive seen him in other movies but that one made me love him ;) If Tomy Bowe took to acting I’d vote for him :)

  • Grá says:

    Actually what about Kevin Ryan? Hot :) He has great bone structure, yum! I would like to retract my previous suggestion and put all my money on Kevin :)

  • Isabelle F says:

    Michael Fassbender….mmmmm……….

  • Paul Duggan says:

    Thanks to the ladies of for your help on this.

    BTW im reluctantly willing to play Christian Grey.

  • dublinista says:

    Aidan Gillen all the day. With me as Anna.

  • Eileesh says:

    I haven’t read 50 shades.. but the irish shades of grey will be getting purchased for my mammy, it’ll drive dad demented. I got her Gin O’clock last year, another twitter book. From what I have heard of the descriptions of Christian Grey I’d stick with Ian Somerhalder (or smolderharder as mentioned on the previous article comments) there’s none of the irish actors that I can think of who have his particular version of sexy bad-boy manipulative wounded male attitude.

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