Weekend Blather

By Emma | August 4 2012 | 56 Comments

Three cheers for the long weekend – let’s blather!


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  • LoCo says:

    Morning all, up nice and early heading south to see de-niece and the new de-nephew. Excited.

    Thinking of Twinkletoes and wee Ethan , sending prayers to them both. hope he is on the road to recovery and into Twinkles and Mr twinkles arms.

  • ~Thalia~ says:

    LoCo, Me too, hoping that no news is good news and they are safe and sound and having lovely family times and mucho cuddles! :) and that small boy Ethan is fighting fit and well :)

  • LauraLou says:

    Hi all! Lying in bed wrecked. Sis is Coming over soon to get her makeup done. The joys! :)

    Thirding the thoughts about twinkletoes and Ethan x

  • le smurf says:

    + 1 on the Twinkle thoughts.

    Am up since 6. Himself got locked out and had to wake me to let him in. At which point he decided to cook breakfast for me to make it up to me. At feckin half 6 in the morning. Eejit!! He was at a stag last night and played poker til 5.30!

    May as well get out there and make a start on my weekend shopping and meeting the girls for coffee.

  • blondie says:

    Morning (well, afternoon) all ????
    Nice bit of sun out, now to actually drag my wobbly arse out into it

    Le Smurf haha at least he tried to make up for waking you, hope it was a nice brekkie ????

    Thinking of Twinkletoes & family too, please god no news is good news.

  • blondie says:

    Keep forgetting & using emoji emoticons on here, those question marks are smiles!

  • clodz says:

    Hi beauties. I’m wondering could any of ye help me out. I’m a fifteen year old girl. The first week of September I will be going to my aunts wedding ( in a diffrent country so it will be hot)Problem is I can’t find a nice dress online. I have searched boohoo, iclothing, forever 21. NOthing.
    I want a dress above my knee. It has to have straps. It must cost under €40.
    So if ye know of any websites or even a specific dress could you help me out?
    Thank you very much xx Love the blog

  • Kittykat says:

    OMG, Twinkletoes had a baby boy Ethan ? Haven’t been on in ages so have missed the news. Is everything ok with them ? Oh I hope so. Thinking of them.

    Off work all weekend. Weather crap as per.

    No news to report. Work is great. Really settling into the job now. Hit a bit of a speed bump a few months ago and was wondering if the shift work suited me, but I really love the job and am managing my time off a lot better now. Was on the night shift the other night and through the night a couple of the medical staff etc were popping in to say hello and just for a chat. That was a first and it made me realise that its taken neary 8 months for me to fully settle in and for people to accept me as part of the team. Its a nice feeling. There’s a great carmaraderie in the dept.

    Started 50 shades during the week and abandoned after 100 or so pages. Pure crap. Myself and an old school friend have decided we’re gonna write 50 Shades of Peig.

    Hope everyone is well.

  • Kittykat says:

    Clodz, check out New Look. They’ve got a coral coloured short dress with a peplum thats really lovely and would look gorgeous with nude shoes / sandals. They also have the same dress with a polka dot on. My friends younger sis wore that v. one to a family christening and it looked amazing on her. She had a spray tan done and wore it with nude heels and she looked fab. It’s sleeveless but covers the shoulders

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Hi ladies, thanks so much for the thoughts. Ethan is on life support since Tuesday night, they brought us into a room & heard the worst news of our lives – that they needed to put him onto the machine to rest his heart & lungs and that it’s his last chance. Just living through hell since, the day revolves around visiting him and then just waiting for that day to be over without any more bad news.

    Since then his heart has recovered really well after the surgery, but it’s his lungs that are the worry. They are just not improving yet. Praying for a tiny improvement to give us hope he can turn it around. He had his eyes open for the first time during our visit yesterday, it was lovely. Our little man is 11days old today. Please pray for his lungs and that we get our first cuddle soon. xx

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