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Weekend Blather

By Aisling | April 14 2012 | 13 Comments

Le Weekend. Happy sigh!


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  • Mawning all.

    Sun can’t decide if it’s coming or going today, so I am wearing my Maxi dress with knee-highs and ballet-flats and a small jumper under my denim jacket.

    Not much planned for today, just grocery shopping and then I may paint DD’s fingers as a wee treat.

    What is everybody else up to?

    OOhh yes… I ordered the Au Natural Palette from Cloud 10 beauty last night, on the sneaky, whilst husbag was trying to get his stupid Korean Horror flick to work. I banked all my change yesterday (all of €17) and used it to get something nice before it got spent on bread and milk and MMA classes.

    @likemamused2bake: how is your sis today?

  • GWTSE – very clever use of saving your pennies :) Amazing how much you can accumulate

    I did a small bit of damage on Sephora but nothing too mental, two Sephora brand single eyeshadows and a double ended eye brush.
    Then I got a nail polish from Elianto, only the equivalent of about €1.40!
    VERY tempted by a Clinique Chubby stick they’re about €13 here and either Bella Bamba or Hervana – they are about €27.50. Need neither but sure when did that stop us lol.
    The shopping centre I was in was a killer, full of nice stuff, had stand alone MAC, Clinique & Shu Uemura shops along with Kiehls and a dept store just full of unnecesary beautiful expensive cosmetics! Had to almost break into a jog to keep myself away.

    Have a lovely weekend all x

  • GWTSE- Had a mental picture of someone wearing a maxi dress with knee high wellies, & then ballet flats over the wellies. Then realised you (probably) meant socks. It’s not even early enough for me to blame that on being sleepy!

  • It’s a quiet blather this weekend!

    Bought the veet electrical thing this week and tried it this morning. It really is brilliant. The texture of the wax is quite different from the usual warm wax, it’s not messy at all. Result on short hairs is not brilliant, but then again I have yet to find anything that work on short hairs. No burns, no red spots, no irritated skin, it’s very good. So glad they brought something like this since I had to give up waxing my legs at home because I no longer have a microwave. Very satisfied, and it was around 16€, so they probably are launching it at half price everywhere in Europe (good thinking).

    Hope everybody has a nice Saturday night and a nice Sunday.

  • I bought the Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow pallette today. Love it already, I think this is the most excited I’ve felt over any make up product I’ve had before :) Can i ask what does DD mean? Is it Darling Daughter or something similar?

  • evening all

    very quiet here this weekend, had a fab night at the wedding last night, great fun, and no hangover hurrah, love when that happens

  • Spent most of my Saturday on various football pitches. Nearly froze this morning but it was pleasant this evening.

    Just painted the nails a shimmery black. Have to go to a funeral tomorrow and am now wondering if the nails are appropriate.
    Did some DIY on my favourite sunglasses. Got one of those kits in the chemist with tiny screws and tieeny screwdriver. Managed to get the arm back on them by using my tweezerman tweezers to fit the screw. Very happy with my resourcefulness. Have my shades back in action for less than €3.

  • Sorry Berg but the nails and the funeral sentence made me chucke ;)

  • Chuckle even

  • Hey all hope you’re having a lovely Sunday.Just skyped the family, so excited about going home now.

    BerG – hope the nails were ok! Shimmery black sounds lovely.
    I was looking at Chanel Distraction, so beautiful but crazy to spend so much. Have to find a dupe.

    Denise, yep I think DD = Darling Daughter
    Never really got the Naked palette hype, dont usually wear those type of shades, but I saw it (and the second one) in Sephora yesterday and they are absolutely beautiful. I never think those types of colours suit me yet I’m always reading soft browns etc suit green eyes. Need some non going out type eye makeup so I bought a brown shadow & a pale beige yesterday but I’m still not sure. Maybe I’m not applying them right.

    Boredmum that’s good you enjoyed the wedding, you cant beat a good wedding! First of my friends got engaged recently, wedding prob wont be till next year but looking forward already!

  • BerG, very enterprising bout the sunnies. Good on you.

    GWTSE laughed out loud at ur description of knee highs and ballet pumps. :-)

    Off work this w/e. V. quiet. My hairdryer gave up the ghost so I opened it up and cleaned out all the fluff and voila, brand new and it works again.
    Went in to replenish my supply of Normaderm and the girl in the chemist remarked that my skin had cleared up a treat and was looking much better. I can even notice it myself. All my spots are gone. Also have been using Colgate Max white and its lightened my gnashers a shade ! I’d strongly recommend. I use my usual toothpaste first and then use the Max white afterwards on the front ones and its really made a difference. Tea and coffee stains are gone. Hope everyone had a good weekend. x

  • Ooh blondie I like the sound of where you’re shopping! I have a couple of Elianto polishes from swaps and I love them.
    Also have (gulp) both the naked palettes, definitely prefer 2 as colours are more cool-toned and have fewer shimmery shades. Might swap the naked original away, but not sure yet.

    Anyway enjoy the rest of your time away and throw some sunshine in your suitcase for when you come home, ok?

  • Thanks Blondie for confirming DD :) Lucky you Miffy with both palettes! You have me thinking I’d like the second one too :) Hope it’s a good Monday for you all!


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