WATCH: FS wonder cosmetic line. Photoshop sells unrealistic dreams – how sick of it are you?

By Aisling | January 12 2012 | 28 Comments

We’re constantly bombarded with pictures of beautiful people – unrealistically beautiful people.  With the click of a mouse and a little patience anyone can appear years younger.  Have fantastic skin.  Have all their lumps and bumps smoothed out, have glossy hair, longer legs and a nipped in waist.

No one, repeat NO ONE looks the way they do in an advertisement or on the pages of a magazine.

It’s insane.  And the over photoshopping of models and celebrities is landing them and the companies that promote Photoshop overuse in hot water.

We’ve seen L’Oreal being taken to task over its quite frankly ridiculous images of Julia Roberts for Lancome and as pressure builds hopefully cosmetic companies will decide to scale back the use of this “wonder cosmetic”. Read: Airbrushed much?

Consumers aren’t stupid guys.  Far from it.  And preying on their insecurities is a sure fire way to turn them off your brand.

 Read: secret to Madonna’s eternal youth

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for all of our “Real Girl” tutorials.  Using only a camera, real girls, not models and some great makeup we’ll be rolling out lots of looks and how tos in 2012 which will be achievable by us all.  And you can rest assured that to us Photoshop is definitely a dirty word (see our current tutorials here).

How turned off a brand or product are you once you notice heavy use of Photoshop?

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28 Replies to "WATCH: FS wonder cosmetic line. Photoshop sells unrealistic dreams – how sick of it are you?"

  • Kirstie says:

    Laughed when I saw this yesterday but it’s so important to remember that Photoshop is a piece of software and a really good one. wouldn’t exist as it is without Photoshop, it’s an amazing piece of software that I use daily to edit, produce and create graphics and montages for the site. It’s essential.

    What IS a dirty word to us is excessive and unrealistic use of retouching and manipulation to create something that isn’t achieveable or realistic for 99.9% of the population.

  • Grace London says:

    I swear, on a lot of the Lancome/L’Oreal ads it takes me a full five minutes to even recognise the celebrity. What’s the point of paying for Julia Roberts if it takes you five minutes to work out it IS Julia Roberts?

    It does annoy me though – the false lashes are obvious, but it gets me when an eyeshadow/lipstick doesn’t give you the shade you saw in the ad and you think you’re somehow applying it incorrectly – that’s how they sell you the same exact colour two seasons later.

    I much prefer seeing the stuff applied to real people and seeing what results are realistically acheivable. Love your tutorials.

  • Maj says:

    Yeah the chanel rouge coco ad of vanessa paradis compared to other photos of her, they barely look alike, you’d never know they were the same person, its really annoying!!! Ysl have had a few but i don’t know the models names to hand. Ysl are ridiculous with their photoshopping.

    I remeber getting my make up done at chanel a year or so ago. The assistant decided themselves that their ‘current look’ would be AMAZEBALLS on me and that i’d look just as good as the ad, needless to say i didn’t. They then told me that after photoshop i would look better than the ad! Are you serious!!!! People don’t carry around photoshop with them!!!!

  • Maj says:

    I also HATE mascara ads that promise volume, length, curl etc and clearly use false eyelashes in the ads. If i saw an ad without falsies even with less of an impact i’d be more inclined to buy it because of the honesty

  • Kirstie says:

    god yeah vanessa paradis .. esp the pix of her recently … erm, not very much like the rouge coco shine ads. no.

  • Aifs says:

    Agree with the mascara ads. HATE them. I’ve said it before, Mascara and “Lash Inserts” are two different products. Ugh! I love seeing swatches and FOTD on beautie, Temptalia and other beauty sites. You can actually see what the product looks like on a real person. The colour and texture are visible and you get a much better idea of the product. Swatches of lipsticks on lips are the best. It is so different to how they look in the tube or on an airbrushed model. They are even different on lips than they are on the back of your hand. I bought Chanel Dragon lip lacquer straight after seeing it on Temptalia and I wasn’t disappointed!

  • fififinx says:

    Fair play to Vanessa, sounds like she’s having a hard time of it recently, so I don’t hold it against her. She’s a good looking woman, and has more class in the merest paring of her left pinkie nail than Kate Moss has in her entire body, IMO.
    I have to say, in a perverse way, I enjoy the photoshopped ads – because you can always google what the celebs/models look like without makeup, and I’ve gotta say for 38, I’m not doing badly compared to them! Which in my tiny mind makes me think, if I had a good make-up artist, unlimited funds and photoshop, how good WOULD I look? He he he…
    Anybody telling my real age BTW and I’ll deny it til I’m blue. Trusting in the sisterhood here!

  • OtherMary says:

    Oh, look, they left Madonna’s crotch wrinkles un(re)touched!

  • Christina says:

    These days, glossy magazine photos are a joke. They’re more like digital paintings than photographs, even when the subject is a 19 year old model. I agree with Grace above that it’s nonsense to pay loadsa dosh to celebrities when you can barely even recognise them. The worst I’ve seen in a long time has to be Kate Winslett in the Lancome ads – it’s a good thing they printed her name under the photos, as otherwise I’d have had no idea it was her.

    That said, I think there is a bit of a phoney panic about photoshop. I think these days most people, including young girls, are quite savvy about its use and few people think that glossy pictures of models and other celebrities look anything like the real thing.

  • ZsaZsa says:

    I understand that Photoshop has its uses to make images look slightly more finished. But it annoys me how much Photoshop is used – as in when somone is no longer recognisable and you know that it isn’t showing the product in its real light, then that is annoying! That is why sites like this are so helpfull when you are researching new products – as it helps to be able to find out what a products true capabilities are before purchasing it and seeing if it matches what you are looking for!

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