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Wandlust: Yet Another Reason To Love Lancome Virtuose

By Lynnie | August 16 2012 | 9 Comments

My last tube of my trusty Lancome Virtuose mascara went the way of the Sahara (dried up and became completely fecking useless to my lashes) over the weekend, smack bang in the middle of the most epic procession of visitors we’ve ever entertained. I didn’t have a chance to go anywhere to replenish my Virtuose supplies so I’ve been making do by shopping my stash of back-up mascaras, which mostly reminded me why they were gathering dust.

Too wet, too thick, too clumpy, incapable of holding a curl, leaving lashes looking spidery: the kindest thing I could say about the back-up mascara collective was that they were almost equally shite.

But then on Monday morning I had me a little brainwave.

I gave the curved, spoon-shaped Virtuose wand a thorough clean and used it to apply L’Oreal Volume Milllion Lashes Luminizer for Hazel Eyes, the least rubbish mascara of the bunch, instead of the awful plastic hedgehog style brush that L’Oreal themselves provide.

The difference was immediate and noticeable, with my lashes looking all fanned out and nicely separated and dramatic but not spidery or clumpy, which is how they usually look when I use Million Lashes Luminizer. I’ve been happily using this little trick all week, trying it with different previously crappy mascaras, and I’ve yet to find one that it hasn’t improved.

Flipping deadly!

I’ll know what to do next time I’m unfaithful to Virtuose and indulge in a flirtation with a supbar performer…

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