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By Aisling | June 15 2012 | 338 Comments

It’s fairly safe to say that every woman would love to have fantastic skin. Vichy are dedicated to bringing us the best products to suit every skin type and know that ideal skin is a must for every woman. But what exactly does ideal skin mean to you? Are you most concerned with tone, texture or radiance? Take the survey and let us know what exactly you rate as the most important elements that make up your idea of ideal skin.

And as a thank you for completing the survey Vichy have hampers jam packed with goodies for three of you. Can’t say fairer than that can you!

Earlier in the week I told you about a skincare trial that we’re running (read this post for more. You can still enter for the trial, we won’t close it for a few more days.) I can’t tell you what the trial product is, but I can tell you that it’s from Vichy. And I can also tell you that it’s going to make getting that ideal skin much easier!

Without further ado, to the survey! Get clickin!








We’ll pick the winners from the completed survey results.
N.B. make sure you select an option in every category to make your entry valid!

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338 Replies to "Win! With Vichy Ideal Skin Survey"

  • Cait says:

    For me ideal skin is smooth and clear. No spots, visible pores and not pumping oil and shiny. The opposite of my skin :(

  • Nevdev says:

    Having had acne since I was a child and still have problem skin in my 30s ideal skin is something I have always wanted. It has meant that I have spent a fortune of money on it and am constantly trying new products in the hope that I will one day get perfect skin. The condition of my skin has a huge impact on how I feel about myself every day and my confidence can be destroyed if I get a bad attack. I hate looking at photos of myself cause all I can see is spots and red cheeks!! If there was a product out there that sorted all my issues out then I wouldn’t care how much it cost I’d buy it in bulk!!

  • Tenhours says:

    A lot of it would be down to even skin tone, I get really red really easily so the more I can camouflage this, the better!!

  • Sugar says:

    Ideal skin means clear, even, soft skin with my natural skin tone(PALE)

  • Claireyfairy says:

    Ideal skin to me would be blemish free an dno visible pores!

  • Anna says:

    Ideal skin for me is skin that is calm, not irritated with no high colour in the cheeks and no visible blackheads around the T zone. Would also like to be clear of dark freckles and sun related damage.

  • balletgirl345 says:

    Ideal skin is very important for me; at the moment, it has taken over my life, as I have acne, which is spreakding, getting itchy, and sore. I would love to have ideal skin, because it would boost my confidence alot, which alot of has been lost because of my acne.

  • balletgirl345 says:

    spreakding = spreading lol XD

  • Acat says:

    Having had psoriasis and dry skin since I was very young, ideal skin for me would be smooth, radiant skin. It is very hard to put make-up on over rough, scaly and sensitive skin, you just cant disguise it.

    You say you will pick winner from completed survey – I didn’t see anywhere to enter name and email address?

  • gracieg says:

    I’m in my late 20’s and have some crows feet developing, managing fine lines is something I’m aware of and I think the tone and radiance have a big effect on the overall look of skin

  • Ange says:

    Radiant, clear, wrinkle free skin would be my ideal! I also like my freckles!

  • Sunshine says:

    even skin tone, air brushed look, reduced oiliness but not dry……would love that ‘im wearing no foundation’ look without having to shovel on the foundation!

  • Melanie says:

    Clear, smooth, no oily or flakey patches.

  • Sandra Kelly says:

    Not dry and radiant

  • Twinkletoes says:

    Ideal skin to me is smooth, even-toned and radiant. No spots, not overly shiny, no flaky patches, no major pigmentation.

  • Ideal skin to me is clear of any spots and blemishes, smooth and supple and bright and fresh looking!!
    I don’t wear make up so skincare products are something that I really have to focus on.

  • sarabelle says:

    Ideal skin is getting the best out of what you have naturally instead of focussing on all your imperfections :) Although a little added luminosity wouldn’t go astray!

  • Surfchick says:

    It’s all about radiance and glowing for me:)

  • Cath says:

    Clear skin for me would mean smooth tone, with no blotchiness. Or spots. When you’re old enough to have laugh lines, you should be too old for spots. That should be the rules!!

  • Jen says:

    Ideal skin means to me not having breakouts, oily skin or large pores. To not have to trowel the make up on every morning only to have it slip off mid afternoon to uncover unsightly blemishes. The desire for achieving ideal skin has become an obsession of mine I just want to look my best, radiant self and not feel self conscious every time someone talks to me.

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