Sneak Peek! Estee Lauder Beyond Black and Metal Mania Nail Collections

By Emma | July 18 2012 | 14 Comments

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer Metal Mania and Beyond Black

Fellow nail freaks, best get saving! Headed our way from Estee Lauder are ten of the most covetable, luxe and hypnotic nail colours I’ve seen since…well, since the launch of the Lauder owned Tom Ford Nail Lacquer line, actually. Funny, that!

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer Metal Mania and Beyond Black

For now we can only bring you the very sneakiest of peeks, but the capsule collection, inspired by Paris, will be on counter next month. It includes five stunning metallics – glitters for grown ups – that look like drops of molten metal in their shiny square glass bottles. That’s the Metal Mania line, which includes gold, silver, pewter, violet and the rosy copper shade I’m wearing in these pics.

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Lacquer Metal Mania and Beyond Black

Beyond Black features five deep, moody, fashion inspired shades – including dark green, blue, purple and grey. They’re all part of the Pure Color Nail Lacquer line, they’re €20, and they’re divine. I want them all.

There’s lots more Lauder loveliness headed our way and we’ll bring you more on that soon, but for now – are we liking what we see?


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14 Replies to "Sneak Peek! Estee Lauder Beyond Black and Metal Mania Nail Collections"

  • Orna says:

    Lovely shade on you! For some reason im not mad about the packaging… I think the bottles are kind of tacky looking, much prefer a simple eg. Essie bottle. But the colours are lovely!

  • Heather says:

    oooooh…it’s like colour for us grown-up goths. Love the rose one! But will I splash out the 20 blips for it…

  • alphadoll says:

    absolutely fab cant wait to get my hands on them !! luv luv luv

  • Shanna says:

    They look fab and I do like the bottles but as much as I LOVE my polish, no way am I ever going to pay 20 quid for one bottle, sorry Estee Lauder. They all look dupeable too, now if it was something REALLY unique and amazing, I’d consider it, but for these, no way. I love your ring by the way, fabulous!

  • Your nails look fantastic, Emma!

    I’m afraid I’ll have to check these out, I’m all about the microshimmer in metallics – these are very like some of my favourite TopShop metallics and they’re rarely off my pingys.

  • Fee says:

    Orna – +1, really not a fan of EL packaging.
    Having said that these look nice but have sworn blind I will never be fooled by high-end polish again and always wait for dupes. I’ll make an exception for the YSL one the boyf surprised me with for my birthday this morning though :)

  • Wait till you see these in the flesh. The colours are really complex and they look fab inside the shiny glass bottle, like a little drop of precious metal or summat. Gorgeous.

  • Oh I LOVE the EL packaging for their nail polishes, am I the odd one out? I just think it looks so luxe and fab

  • Louise says:

    WHERE is that ring from?!? It’s AMAZING.

  • Ring was a Christmas pressie from my mum & sister – it’s a YSL Arty one xo

  • littlesis says:

    These looks stunning, love the bronzey shade!

  • Anne says:

    Please tell me these are going to be permanent? Then I can slowly but surely buy them one by one, deceiving myself that I am not sepnding THAT much money on them. There’s nowt worse than wanitng a lot of polishes from a LTD collection; it breaks my polish-loving heart. Am wearing Molten Lava at the minute as it goes and LOVE it. Perfect formula too.

  • Freckles says:

    Covet, Want… toddles off an a little trip to the shops :)

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