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Shane Warne has had no work done. Neither has Justin Theroux. Laughable suggestions.

By Kitty | October 10 2012 | 27 Comments

Earlier this year, cricket player and Liz Hurley man candy Shane Warne underwent something of a transformation. Gone was the awful shaggy bleached hair, the uneven skin tone and apparently 22lbs of his belly as well. The new hair is definitely an improvement, but his face is just a bit..odd looking. His eyes look somewhat eyeliner-ed and his lips are downright glossy. After rumours of plastic surgery and accusations of makeup-wearing scurried their way around the internet, both he and Liz took to Twitter to insist that his shiny new look is entirely down to weight loss and Estee Lauder moisturiser. A brand which Liz just happens to be the face of. Nice plug, guys.

He’s also had his teeth whitened and when I saw a picture that Liz tweeted on the night that they got engaged, the camera flash bounding off his gnashers immediately made me think of the episode of Friends where Ross had his teeth bleached to a day-glo white. They’re brighter than his shirt for feck’s sake.

Shane isn’t the only dude to have gone all She’s All That on us of late though. Jennifer Aniston’s finacee Justin Theroux went from scruffy, beardy man who looked like there’d be a smell of bins off him to polished and dapper Don Draper-alike recently enough.

Now, normally I absolutely love beards and tend to think that every man looks better with a hairy face, but even I have to admit defeat on this one, as I think he looks kinda deadly now.

What do you reckon though? Do you prefer the before or after and do you reckon there was any nipping or tucking or application of mascara involved?

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