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By Aisling | October 12 2012 | 94 Comments

I write these words with trepidation, my fingers trembling on the keys.

Well not really but it’s just the last time we had a Rate it about hairdressers all hell broke loose. Every hairdresser in Ireland spammed us and blatantly rated themselves – and while they were at it viciously slagged off the competition.

And hell hath no fury like a hairdresser scorned I promise you.

Beaut.ie is a website for consumers – it is you the people who actually GO to hairdressers that we want to participate in Rate Its.  We’re not a forum for Crazy Cutz of Terminfeckin to slag off Scissor Happy of Terminfeckin and say terrible things about each other in a war of made up hairdressing atrocities.

We had to spend so much time moderating and cleaning up the comments (many of them were a libel action waiting to happen) that sadly the comments were closed and we never ever had a rate it on hairdressing again – even though we were asked for it many times and the last one happened in 2007.

Because one of the things people need and love is a good recommendation for  a hairdressers.  So use this Rate It as an opportunity to tell people about really good hairdressers you’ve been too.  (Leave out your bad experiences, don’t tell us about them in this post  – it’s just for recommendations).

So the comments on this post are only open to regular commenters of Beaut.ie.  We’re sorry, we’ve never had to do this before but hopefully you understand why.

So enough of my bla – over to you.  Rate those great hairdressers you go to and give us all some recs!

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94 Replies to "Rate it: best hairdressers 2012"

  • Em says:

    Paul Hession out in Drumcondra- he’s only brilliant. He actually really listens to what you want, rather than just nodding along and then giving you the standard “whatever” haircut you can get in some places. I went in there not knowing what would suit me and he really took the time to have a chat about my face shape and the type of hair I have. Legend of a man :)

    And that probably sounds like I work for them…but I dont because then I’d have hair like Princess Swishytail Kate and I dont. Wah.

    • carlok says:

      I went to hessions in drumcondra for years, but gave up going, because they told you what suited you and didn’t listen to client

  • Zie says:

    I’ve been going to Tina at Halo in Dublin, for about six years now. I’ve followed her from two previous salons. She’s fab. I was always quite self conscious about my hair, but have always felt fab when stepping out after she’s through with me. I just let her do her thing never go in with a specific cut in mind, but have never been disappointed in the result. She knows my hair so well at this stage too, that it always grows out nicely so never have really bad hair days.

  • Harto says:

    Laura in Brown Sugar on Sth William St. Went to her on a recommendation from a friend and been going ever since. Great at cutting, great at colouring. I always leave very happy.

  • Cheekyapple says:

    Gillian in Hessions in Clontarf is fantastic. She always pays attention to what way I want my hair done. And because I’ve gone to her for a while and know that I can trust her, I am now happy to go with any suggestions that she has as they have always worked out perfectly. Even since I have moved to Stillorgan I still always drive back to Clontarf to get my hair done.

    In general the salon is really great too. The staff are all very friendly and you feel like you’re a valued customer there each time you go.

  • ZsaZsa says:

    @ Em – I’ve heard great things about Paul Hession before, but have never had the pleasure of going to him yet.

    I have always had positive experiences in House of Colour on Liffey Street and on Wellington Quay.

  • Caza says:

    Definately Laura Hanlon in Roscommon Town. Amazing at anything – cut, colour, styling. Just brillant. Wish I could keep her to myself but I know what its like to be at the bad end of a hair cut. She is just sooo good!

  • Rosamaria says:

    Darren in Zeba in Maynooth is very good. I’ve been going to him for about two years, having previously tried most salons in Maynooth, and indeed a lot of the stylists in Zeba, most of whom are also good. But since Darren is the senior stylist, I decided to try him about two years ago, and really, I wouldn’t go back. I have scanty fine hair, and it isn’t easy, but he does a great job, always.

    My daughter also goes to him, and for her wedding at the beginning of September, he came to our house, sprayed, blow dried, upstyled five different heads, all of which looked wonderful, and then sauntered on out, with minimum fuss and maximum of great hair!

  • Siobhan says:

    Marian in Zenith, Galway. Genius, and lovely with it. Go see her. That’s all!

  • rio says:

    Eilish in Style club on South William Street. Over the last 2 years she has transformed my hair from dried out, highlighted & broken to good condition and long (first time since I was a teenager! Love her!

  • EvieM says:

    Zowie in Halo in Limerick for cut & Tim (also in Halo) for colour.

  • Eos says:

    Caroline in Talking Heads, Ballinasloe, going to her for a good few years and have never had a bad cut – EVER!! She knows what I like and what suits me….happy days!

  • Sassybaskets says:

    Christine or Karen in Cowboys and Angels on South William St. Lovely salon and they always made my hair look incredible. Although be careful, the last time I went I got my hair cut by one of the new stylists as Christine was away(I can’t remember her name I was so traumatised)and it was unbelievably awful. The only good thing my best friend could say about it was ‘It makes your boobs look bigger’.

  • Orla says:

    For those of you down my end of the country (when I’m actually in the country) Claire (or Clare I’m not sure) in The Arches in Tipperary Town is amazing! She managed to put life into my very fine limp hair!

    Also Eva in L&M in Killaloe is a wizzard with the colouring!

    Oh and Seanie in the Green Room also in Killaloe..

    :) I can’t wait to get home to get my hair cut again as I can’t find a good hairdresser here in London – truthfully I’ve had my hair cut only once in the last year because last time I got it cut here yer ‘wan hacked it off!

  • Orla says:

    Oh and Tom at Visage in Galway too, I’ve been there a few times and he does a lovely cut!

  • ninaluna says:

    (I used to post a bit so am not sure this will get through but thought I’d add my 2 cents!)

    I went to Style Club for a cut for the first time 2 months ago and was seriously impressed. Ciara was my stylist and she gave me *exactly* what I asked for which made a change for me!

    I’d also rate Hi Hair in Monkstown, Peter is seriously good with colour but now that I’m poor I’ve resorted to doing mine at home.

  • *Aisling* says:

    ninaluna – you’re grand! You definitely count – as does anyone who used to comment/comments a bit/hasn’t commented for a while – you don’t have to be a Blather regular or anything! Just someone who’s participated in Beaut.ie discussions over the years

  • fififinx says:

    The Hair Shop in Dundalk. All of the stylists there are great, but I have to give a shout out to my girl Catherine in particular. Spectacular colourist and stylist (a rare combo I find). She is the only person in Ireland I have found capable of cutting my ‘child of Einstein’ hair in such a way that I can manage it. In addition she gives lots of tips – not pushing products they sell, all sorts of stuff like when herself got in trouble for dying her hair blue, I knew I could strip the colour with HnS for greasy hair, because Catherine had told me. She’s really friendly (all the staff are, they even speak if they see you out and about) but if I’m having a grumpy ‘don’t talk to me day’, she picks up on it and just quietly gives me a wonderful head massage as a special treat. Visiting with her is my ultimate pick-me-up

  • Atkin says:

    Hailey in 3 Degrees, Cork. Reasonably priced, hair is in great condition and the haircut shape lasts a good 8 weeks. Love her love her love her :D

  • Eve says:

    I sound like such a cheapskate today but I’ve splashed the cash so many times at fancy salons in the belief that I will be transformed into Daryl Hannah in Mermaid (or…er someone with good hair!) only to leave, not only bitterly disappointed but significantly broke-er. I don’t believe I’ve found my Holy Grail hairdresser yet…BUT in terms of getting what I want and need (i.e. a colour I’m happy with and a cut that serves to tidy my long straggly hair, and not make me cry) for a price so ridiculously cheap I have to double check it’s correct every time – I would like to nominate Is Organic on Capel St. Their english is not wonderful but they are very friendly and always seem to understand exactly what I’m I’m looking for – the finished ‘do speaks for itself. I practically skip out of there whenever I go!

  • bigeyedmonster says:

    Mary, in mandikas icon in Naas does brilliant updo’s ! It’s a really cool funky place! Always has a good bustling atmostphere, bit out of the way but worth the drive to toughers!

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