The shame revealed – is your holiday packing like mine?

By Aisling | November 8 2012 | 13 Comments

You know the other girls – Emma, Lynnie and xgirl – show you beautiful pictures of their holiday packing and how they crammed in the maximum beauty essentials for the least amount of baggage weight?

My broken shoulder is refusing to heal and another long term condition I have decided to get in  on the act and react with glee (sure why not) and literally cripple me.  So we decided a week in the sun was in order and booked the flights.  Trouble was I had NO TIME to pack.  So I just had to feck everything into the case and hope for the best.

Well what do you know? Despite any worries I had- I’m grand. I forgot my fake tan, but that’s no biggie – I can just buy some more.

How do you normally pack? Are you super organised or a bit more, er, ramshackle like me?

Let me know in the comments!

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13 Replies to "The shame revealed – is your holiday packing like mine?"

  • gemstone898 says:

    I normally plan to be organised, lists and the whole shebang but in the end its the night before my early morning flight and I still havent packed. Everything gets thrown in, a quick weight check and hope for the best. Even when moving to a new country its still the same.. disaster zone!

  • littlesis says:

    I try to be a bit organised, but it doesn’t always work. Even now, I should be packing for a weekend away (and more scarily, a Ryanair flight) but I haven’t even taken the bag down. Oops.

  • Jane says:

    Hey Aisling
    I am just enjoying my last few days in the the Sun and I think packing is a nightmare.
    I swear every year to have it all packed the week before-its summer clothes for heavens sake, its not like I am using them!
    But with hubby and two teenage boys to pack for it takes half of one case just to fit go their

  • LoCo says:

    Poor Aisling I hope the sun made you feel a bit better.

    I’m terrible at packing I actually proper hate it.
    I would happily pay someone to pack for me.

    I’m going on month long holiday to Oz in a month. The thought of packing makes me feel sick. How on earth am I going to pack for that!!

    I always check in a bag with Ryanair coz I can’t seem to manage just carry on. Luckily my friend is the same so the last time we flew together we shared a checked in bag.

  • Jane says:

    Just to fit in their girnormous shoes.
    Then I have to pack enough sox n jox to fill another.

    In one tiny corner I bring three dresses and rotate them.
    And no heels, they won’t walk slowly for me!
    And everything comes home in bin bags which I like to call laundry bags !

  • I plan to be organised. But every single time, I end up still trying to cram bits and bobs in an already bursting bag a few minutes before I have to leave the house… And once at the airport, I realise that although I did dutifully pack my liquids bag, I didn’t account for everything that can be considered “liquids” in my handbag… cue more cramming into the checked bag.
    But I do plan to be able to pack neatly and efficiently once I’m, you know, a grown up (says she who is 32).

  • peachgirl says:

    I make a list and pack accordingly. It’s not because I’m perfectly organised; quite the opposite! After going on holiday forgetting to pack knickers (lots of “commando” nights went down, not the least bit sexy) I have found the list method to work best for me reducing packing failures.

  • Miruku says:

    I take a lot of short breaks around Asia and while my apartment is a messy hell hole, I’m a neat packer. I bought a “to-do list” memo pad and any time I travelled anywhere I made a list of everything that I bought. Eventually I was able to reuse the lists because I go to a lot of the same kinds of places. Now I don’t even think in advance, I just follow the magic lists!

  • LynnieDoll says:

    As I used to commute to the UK on a weekly basis, I have to say I am ACE when it comes to packing. I was rubbish in the beginning and my back suffered with the weight of the case (half of which were never used inside).
    So I had to become better at it and just get organised.

    Hubby is even worse than me, to the point where we split our contents over the 2 cases in case one gets lost, we would have enough in one to get us through a few days!!!!! (bit too much ocd for me, but I let him at it)

  • Rosamaria says:

    I love going anywhere (open the plane door and let me in) but I hate packing. I used to be better at it, now I mostly UNDER pack, which is ok if it isn’t too long a trip, but for that bit longer gets a bit awkward :)

  • Makeup glitz says:

    Book flights … Open attic .. Get measuring tape … Measure every suitcase In the attic to see which one meets ryanairs every changing rules and regulations … Start list at least 1 week in advance so nothing can be forgotten … Put everything on list on bed .. Open suitcase neatly pack everything in … Weigh bag … Empty bag … Put knickers ghd and sandles back In bag … Weigh bag .. Take out knickers … Weigh bag .. Take out sandles … Realise the bags weighs 6kgs empty… Open attic get the next best bag … Fill bag … Weigh bag…half empty bag ….close bag… Realise you forgot a towel … Open then close bag… hope for best….get to flight desk… “Madame please place ur bag in the trolley” …. Get bag lift bag high above trolley put all strenght behind bag and shove bag into trolley … Ask nice man in queue If he could detach the trolley from the bag.. 2 men maybe required …Walk to plane giving trolley dolly the hidden middle finger while laughing to urself and screaming “you only said I had to get the bag into the trolley u didn’t say I had to get it out “

  • Sarah says:

    I pack the morning of if its a short trip, but I plan in my head the night before for what I want . If its more of a week trip the night before and the whole week spent washing and planing like no ones business

  • *Aisling* says:

    Thanks for your packing stories – they’re making me giggle! I’m down in a bar with wifi so able to read them at last!

    You know what made it worse this time? Our hotpress is HUGE I swear if you hit back of it you’d be in Narnia and loads of my summer gear was still stuffed in it – because it never came out at all during our miserable “summer”

    Doesn’t really excuse my “packing” though!

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