POLL: do you use the rhythm method?

By Aisling | February 26 2012 | 51 Comments

adam levine maroon 5

When Adam Levine of Maroon 5 told OK magazine that he and his (Victoria Secret) girlfriend use the rhythm method as their contraception of choice I had to stifle a chortle.

The Catholic Church would be proud.  This the reason women remained barefoot and constantly pregnant, until the rise of feminism in the sixties forced the almost universal move to contraception methods that actually did what they were supposed to. That is:  work.

Pulling out before the magic moment?  Maybe Adam Levine has a trick mickey but for the rest of the mortal population is this a goer?

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51 Replies to "POLL: do you use the rhythm method?"

  • bridera says:

    we use this method! I’m glad to see we’re not the only ones in the world. Ok, it’s not 100% perfect but what method is and it works for us

  • Lorrrrrraine says:


    I prefer the more reliable methods like douching with pepsi max, doing it standing up and doing it with the lights on.

  • CB says:

    Hilarious! Reminds me of our sex ed classes in school when the only method of contraception mentioned involved thermometers and colouring in charts in different colours. The fact that the teacher had 8 kids should have indicated the effectiveness of this plan!

  • csarina says:

    Ah the Days of Yore. The good old Rhythm method. “I’ve got Rhythm, I’ve got rhythm, I’ve got 12 kids, who could ask for anything more’ do do do doo… As my mother used to say “don’t forget your aspirin” – “Wha?”, the best contraceptive method = “A plain old aspirin, put it between your knees and hold tight”, a no brainer!!!! Abstinance at certain times of the month, makes a bit of old sense in a lot of ways, but not when you’re ovulating, it’s then you want a bit of a ride. No, the rhythm method is cruel. Goes against Nature.

  • Sure wasn’t there some hubub recently that Lily Aldridge and some other Victoria’s Secret model walked the runway of the VS show while carrying early pregnancies? Must be the VS contraceptive method of choice so.

  • Clarissa says:

    Personally no cos I don’t feel ready to be a mother just yet. But each to their own. Some people find it amoral to use contraception for religious/personal beliefs so it’s not my place to judge

  • boredmum says:

    oh Adam Levine looks HOOOOOOTT, yum yum yum,

    Also, major NO for the rythem method, i got pregnant using normal “reliable” contraception, so i’d probably end up pregnant with quads if i used this method,

  • Nicola says:

    Honest to God, I thought the rhythm method related to what kind of rhythm you ride to. It’s shameful how recently I learnt the truth.

    I know a few people who use it, one who has all the serious charts and bumf. I stopped listening when she said the word ‘mucus’.

  • Ilona says:

    What do you call people who use The Rhythm Method?

  • RiRi says:

    Ya we use this method sometimes, not all the times though. I am not on the pill, never want to never will be, condoms all the way. We don’t have sex 7 days a week, so why put some pill in your body everyday of the year. But that’s just me, I am not against the pill or anything.

  • My secondary school biology teach said there is a name given to people who use the rhythm method- parents!

  • bojangles says:

    Er, sorry maybe I’m a bit of a durt burd, but I’d feel cheated if a guy did that with me. Would spoil that moment imo.

  • kittykat says:

    ha ha this is hilarious. Adam Levine should look hot in that photo, but I can’t take him seriously for some reason.

  • Mary says:

    Am I the only one who find’s Adam Levine a bit gross? I really don’t see the appeal & don’t like Maroon 5 either, especially that god awful She Will Be Loved song, she’ll be knocked up as well from the sounds of it ;)

  • Baglady says:

    Is that who Adam Levine is? I hate when skinny guys bulk up and get loads of tattoos to look tough.

    I use this method now post baby, I don’t have a chart or anything but I know my cycle. Like RiRi I don’t want to put hormones in my body when I don’t have too. It’s got nothing to do with religion or morals, it’s just my choice. And when you’re trying for a baby at least you know when you’re ovulating.

  • undawn says:

    We’ve been using this for a while now because I don’t like hormonal birth control, he doesn’t like condoms, and the diaphragm and sponge just don’t seem to get mentioned these days (think the sponge even went out of production for a few years for no particular reason?).
    We’re completely baby-less and wish to stay that way long term, so I’m getting a copper IUD soon. In the meantime, I use a period tracking site to keep track of my cycle (think everyone should do this anyway, it’s so useful!)
    TMI maybe – but we only sow the oats when aunt flow is visiting and the soil is infertile, other times we withdraw the weapon before any shots are fired or he just learns to get along with Johnny. Works for us so far, but I wouldn’t ever recommend to anyone younger or who wasn’t prepared for the risks.

  • Isn’t the rhythm method also about tracking your cycle and abstaining totally during your more fertile times? Not just about pulling out before the end?

    I always thought it was. Couples use it in reverse to find their most fertile times to help them get pregnant, only having sex during the most fertile periods and it seems to be a fairly decent way to get pregnant. So it kinda makes sense that it would work to help you prevent pregnancy as well, if you knew the best times to abstain.

    In saying that, I absolutley believe nobody should use this method unless they are in a stable long term relationship and are prepared to become parents should the method fail. Apart from pregnancy, nobody should use this method unless they are 100 per cent clear of STIs and have been tested for all the usual suspects first (HIV, chlamydia, herpes).

    I think if a long-term/married couple want to use this method, and are aware of the possible consequences, then more power to them.

    I wouldn’t recommend it for anybody outside of this grouping though.

  • Pink Kitten says:

    @ Karen (Beating Myself Into a Dress) is completely right – it’s more about the use of calendars and your temperatures and knowing your cycle as much as possible – not just pulling out!!!
    Would not be a fan tbh – would rather the be sure than always guessing and I’m no way ready for a baby yet! It must be working for them so far though – seeing as they’ve no kids yet…(emphasis on the word, yet!)

  • FairyPrincess says:

    I’m on the pill, but a couple of friends use the rhythm method. Some girls get really bad side effects from the pill, and don’t like using condoms. They’re hardcore into it and do the temperature taking and all that. They realise it’s a v risky method (something like 20% failure rate, yikes!) but are married/ in a serious relationship so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if they did fall pregnant. This is def not a method for a casual relationship.

    Just to be clear…the rhythm method is not the guy pulling out just before ‘the end’!!! I’m worried about young girls reading this and thinking withdrawal is a viable contraceptive. Don’t do it girls…that’s a definite baby maker!!! Plus it gives zero protection from STDS…use a condom!!!

    Ok, thats my lecture to young’uns over. On a separate note, mmmmmm hot photo :)

  • Kaylooloo says:

    Good for him….but clearly she’s not the brightest if she goes for it!!
    This is astounding! :O

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